Saturday, April 10, 2010

i spent half a day watching Hai Pai Tian Xin!!!! i know im super slow, now then watch this. hahaha. the show damn nice luhhh. & i used up 20 pieces of tissue while watching 3 episodes onlyyyyyyy. =/ i really do have active tear glands. hurhurhur! gonna continue watching them tml. haha.

ohyayyy, i wanna row for Regatta!!! :D :D :D suddenly i like dragonboating. i used to think the db ppl look very intimidating, but actually after knowing them, i think they're nice peopleeeee :) Vern keep asking me to join the db ppl for dinner after trng on thurs. just nice i hav triathlon trng on thurs and they hav theirs as well. butttttttt, dont u think its a teeeeny weeeeeny bit of weird? o.O

spot the contrast on my hand! u can see a tan line. its actually my watch tan line. hahaha im soooo burnt!
my face is peeeeling!! omgawdddd! need to apply more aloe vera! gonna bum at home tomorrow. ohyes, mom wants me to bake muffins tml. and she keep asking me to learn how to cook, cus i need to cook for  myself over at Aussie. bahhhhh, still so early, when im going to go over den i learn laaahhhh.

hohoho, just purchased 3 dresses online. waiting for my loot to arrive :D
dinner time! im starving. didn't know crying can make me so hungry =/