Friday, April 23, 2010

ever since internship started, i think i've been getting a new life.
1) i dont club on wednesdays like i NEVER FAIL TO DO SO.
2) im home so early!
3) i watch tv with my parents
4) i sleep early
5) i wake up early and squeeze the damn train every morning

everything seems nice.. but i miss my clubbing and hanging out with my friends cus office working hours eats everything up. nevermind, i shall make good use of the weekends to catch up with everyone i can.

yesterday, clique and i celebrated dork's bday at KPO. the food was nice, and the ambience was good too! but most importantly, love the company i had (: ohyesss, we talked about our thailand trip tgt during sec3. hahahahaa superrrr hilarious! i think overseas trips with your bestbuddies are like the best memories one can ever get. hope to do that more often with clique!
bali/phuket and new zeland soon! :D

tomorrow gonna sleep in! YESSSSS, FINALLY! then head out at 3, meeting clubbing clique at town to celebrate Xinyi's bday! Yay! then dinner appointment with my dearest Phoenix! this girl here barely has time to meet up with me man!!! so whenever she has time and she ask to hang out, i gotta seize the golden opportunity! hahaa. modelling, working, pageants eats up all her time! all the best to you in your career, do Singapore proud in your pageant! <3 you babe! (:

you know, i can actually fall asleep at work, when im not doing anything. HAHA! when i dont do anything, i fall asleep. when im doing sth, i WILL also fall asleep. HAHA! oooohhh, recently ordered 10 dresses and tops online when im at work. haha, instead of working, i go shopping. hurhurhur. clothessss, come to mama!
kay, its 11pm, time for me to turn in. goodnight world! (:

my mind hums a tune about you,
and its all about you.