Monday, May 24, 2010

Heyho! i had a blasting awesome weekend! :D
i spent my entire saturday at a cool place with cool peoplezzxzxz! Wavehouse with Jessica See, Jon, Wei ming, Gabriel and gab's friend, Justin. it was my first time surfing and im addicted to it already! i wanna go wavehouse more often and cableski and wakeboarding!!! :D :D :D :D :D

so here's how my day went. i shall do a show-and-tell. heh heh.

the day started with a funny miscommunication. haha, blahblahblahblah. met gab at hougang and we went down sentosa tgt. gab asked if i tried segway before or not, i said i didn't, and he brought me to try it for freeeee :D yay! gab's the best!!! then jess came and we rode segway tgt, both for the first time! hahaha!

then we took buggy to wavehouse, and Ros from 987fm joined our buggy ride. hohoho! booked our slot from 3-5pm cus the 1 and 2pm ones are full... jon & jess did barrel cus flowrider full alr, gab, justin and i did flowrider. my first timeeeee :D :D :D so slack ard, look at the fleamarket, camwhored alittle and off we go..

my experience at flowrider! it was superrrr awesomeeee! thankyouuu weiming for being my instructor! heh heh. he was actually stationed at the other lane, but he request to swope over to my side. heeheeee. after 2hrs, i could stand on the board, balance, move left and right, AND do it without the rope. hohohoho!! im sooooo happpppyyy :D gab was right, you'll get addicted to it. seriously damn addicted, im like looking forward to my next session.

these are the pros. hahhaa! jessica and jon surfing barrel :D

after our sessions, went to wash up and camwhoreeee in the toilet. which explains why we took so longgggg. poor jon couldn't find us. hahha!

 ordered this 19bucks nachos cus we were hungryyyy, but thanks to jess, got it at 13 (: swear its damn nice :D ate nachos, slack, camwhore, waited for wei ming to knock off at 7pm.....
FINALLLYYYYYYY! made our way to harbourfront centre.. since jon had a craving for jap food, we settled for Sakae Sushi for dinner. not so yumzxzxz. the ice cream u see in the centre tastes like some playdough... totally spoilt my excitement for greentea icecream :<[ 

trained home, just nice both wei ming & jess stays at hougang! and i managed to psycho them to walk home. HAHAHA! so they walked me homeeeee, then off to their houses.. heh heh heh.

i love love love saturday! it was soooo fun! i cant wait to go back to wavehouse again! i think im going to frequent there often! and we shall go cableski & wakeboarding tgt soon k! :D
oh and i got like 7 bruises and a stiff neck now. haha! my first fall, i landed on my neck area and hit my head. 2nd fall, hit my chin. now my neck cant rotate properly, i cant even tilt my head up much. crapppp. please recover neck! i need u.... haha

time to return to the worldddddd. work tomorrow. better sleep early so i wont be late. haha. ohyessss, im like damn excited cus im meeting weijie tml. my longggg lost friend weijie! its been a few years since i last saw him! hopefully tml shall be a good day for me (:
goodnight all :]