Friday, May 21, 2010

yesterday was my worst day ever. check out my fb status and you'll know why its my worst day ever.... :(
oh i went back school ytd for sportsclub maincom meeting ytd. boy did it take ages... but we talked things out, and our new positions for the AY is out.

President: Saph
Vice-President: Ebrahim
Secretary: Yifang
Asst. Secretary: CJ
Tresurer: Xin yan
Asst. treasurer: Lin hui
Quartermaster: Chris Ng
Marketing Communications: Yours Truly
Asst. Marketing Communications: Shazlyn
Asst. Marking Communications(new addition to the family): Wilson
Subcom Manager: Zul
Asst. subcom manager: Angeline
Asst. subcom manager: Chris Sia
Team Temasek Manager: Eugene
Asst. team temasek manager: Dominic

Congrats to all of us for getting into main coms of Sports Club AY10/11!! lets work together to achieve the best results we can yield as a team! :D May sports club thrive throughout the years! (Y)!!!

today, it shall be better. hahaha. im snacking at my table now and my secretary asked me "is that yr breakfast?" i said ehhh nope. then she shook her head.. hahaha she knows i always snack at my table, but im still like relatively skinny. hahaha. i cant live without snacking, work is just too boring and im always too tired, so moving my mouth helps to keep me awake. hopefully by the end of internship i dont put on weight =/

okay so like im damn bored at work, and im watching yahoo videos while doing my work. haha lucky i still have yahoo video since youtube is banned. hohoho! the 1st video damn cuteeeee luhh, lets do it one day! HAHA! the 2nd video is like DAAAA BESTTTTT!! be sure to watch both! have fun! (:

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS(R) Largest Pie Fight @ Yahoo! Video

Guinness World Record for lying with live cockroaches @ Yahoo! Video

two photos to make your day go BRIGHTER!!!! :D
world's fattest man! surprisingly, he's perfectly normal, no high blood pressure, no high colestrol.

largest tumour ever removed while intact.... that is like in the abdomen of the woman. SICK TTM.