Wednesday, May 19, 2010

work was fuckeeeeedddd uppp ttm! i have like 1483 plots of land to find on the map & record the no., address and postal code of the land lots on each plot! im only at 165, and i got 500 sheets of letters to fold. after im almost done with the 500 sheets, i get another 500 on my table. that's not all, i was told ANOTHER 2000 are in the midst of printing... for me to fold. WTFFFFFFFF.
so i folded 1000 letters tday... greattttttttttttttttttttttttttt. my arms are aching seriously.

i have to stop spending so much money nowadays.... i bought like a pair of heels, 3 earrings, a dress ytd. and tday i bought another pair of heels with dork! :D heh heh. good catchup with dorkkkeeeeyyyy shopping @313 & vivo, hang out soon dear! (:

we live in a place full of conspiracy
people put up a fake mask infront of you all the time
you never know when its their real face & when its not.
i've slowly turned into someone who doesn't trust people easily.
im sick and tired of all these fucking fake shit!!!!