Sunday, May 16, 2010

ohmann, phuket trip is off, cus dork cant come due to some work retreat she has :( ohwells, we shall postpone our phuket trip to sept! during hari raya puasa hols, which lands coincidentally on friday! woohoo!

yesterday, whole family went down NTU to take photos for bro and shift his things back from hostel, cus its his last day there! my bro graduated from NTU already! wooohooo! shall upload some photos next time. now, we're going out for IRONMAN2 movieeee :D

ohyes, daddy bought a new camera ytd, but its for bro to bring for his 1 month taiwan-korea trip. now all of us has a digital camera. we'll be getting a DSLR next! any good recommendations?? (:
oh and daddy striked 4D ytd, so the camera was kinda freeeeee. HOHOHO!

just practiced my piano just now. i dug out many old songs, time to revise them again! time to head out now! i wanna watch jiu xiang lai zhe ni. hahha! have a good day all!

P.S. i really hate internship! because i have to work everyday on weekdays, and i cant go for my modelling events, shoots, catwalks and overseas filming/shoots! ARGHH, SO IRRITATING!!!