Friday, May 14, 2010

Gateway planning in progress! this's the beach we'll be near :D

Yesterday, I got to know that 28th May is Vesak Day, and guess what i did?!! i rang up clique and ask if they wanna go Phuket for our long-said getaway trip. Mui cant make it cus her parents doesn't allow and she promised her fren to work with her on that day. okayyyyy, so paddy's still trying to persuade her parents, while dork is finding out if her company's retreat is compulsory or not. MY MUMMY SAID YES! hahhaa horrraayyy! please please please pleaseeeeeeee dork & paddy, please be able to go. its like FINALLY, we'll be able to go tgt. so if all's fine, we'll be heading over to Phuket on Friday! :D :D :D :D

i checked out everything already, cus i cant contain my excitement. hahah. the place we're gonna stay at is like damn near the beach and nightlife area. heh heh heh. im like sooo eggggcited to go!!!! :D

now, back to workkkk. so damn stressed mannn, alot to do :(