Thursday, May 27, 2010

holyyyyyy. i just had a marathon. race to office before receptionist does... HAHA! at our office, we have to sign in the time on a book when we reach office. time to report for work: 830am. grace period: 5min. so after 835am, the receptionist will keep the book and craft out a morning announcement email which is sent to EVERYONE (meaning SGX centre, Shaw towers, HR etc), stating who is in office. whoever's name which not inside, is considered LATE.

so righttttttt, wendy and i bumped into the receptionist on our way here. she's late as well. so we tapped her and we ran off to office building. as long as we reach office earlier than her, we're safe! our names would definitely be inside the morning announcement. PHEW!!! marathon wasn't fun at all in your office wear and heels! but its worth it, considering i was late for ummm 7 times? HEEEEE. i must be early, i cant afford to get fired, or else i will retain! :(

woooohooo! today we get to clock out early! some Eat With Your Family campaign saved me 1hr from work! 5pm and im off! muahahhaha! (YYYYY)! time to catch some movies and get a life back. hahaha!

P.S. i feel like joining wakeboarding cca now. hahaha! fallen in love with surfing and wakeboarding :D TRIPLE CCA! :B