Saturday, May 29, 2010

heyho all! yesterday was a well spent day with my parents (: my mum decided that she wants to go shopping ytd and goat farm tml morning, and so orchard here we come! actually we shopped at only wisma and 313. boy was it crowded! there were queues everywhere! from picking clothes, to trying and paying, the queues were MADNESSSSS!
my dad was like waiting outside the shops and he'll be glad if we bought sth out, if not he would be totally wasting his time standing outside. hahaa. i did have a good haul, well, mostly my stuff... haha.

my first buyings were 1 dress, 2 bottoms and 2 tops from forever21!
then next were 2 bottoms from cottonon!
following after was 3 pairs of heels/sandals/flats from Schu!
and and moving over to 313, a fedora from Uniqlo! (my first buying from Uniqlo!)
and lastly, my female boardshorts from Billabong!
YAYYYYYYYY!!!! i got new boardshorts to wakeboard with :D :D :D

the day ended off with a fabulous dinner at Trattoria. its the italian eating place at 313, the place which first greets you once u step off the escalator at Somerset mrt. here's some photos as above! (:

ohyes, and i have a new CCA, which makes me officially holding 3 ccas (:
 Sports Club Main Com
ANDDDD... Wakeboard! (newest addition to the family)

:D wish me luck in wakeboarding.. hope i dont get so many injuries... hahhaaa!
today's gonna be meetup with clubbing clique! (: we're gonna go support Xinyi's cheerleading performance outside Taka tday! gonna go meet cindy brudddderrrr first cus she jus called me to meet. hohoho, new manicures and maybe more shopping sprees? my mum would certainly cut off all my plastics... teeeheee! till then! enjoy your holidays everyone!!!!