Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Have you ever been surprised at work before? you know, i always thought that surprises at offices only happen in drama shows? especially like some mailman comes to the reception and passes a bouquet of roses to be passed to a colleague..

haha, i got my share of surprise on Monday! just after lunch, i received a call to confirm my office address, i said yes and that i am there right now. the lady over the phone said alright, your parcel will be sent over. puzzled as much as i can be, i went back to do my work. then at 3plus, i went to the toilet. when i returned i see a delivery man standing at the reception table. the receptionist called me over and ask if my surname is Chye. i acknowledged it and the deliveryman asked me to sign on the receipt.. and he passed me a small bouquet of roses.

pretty aren't they? (: i had a hard time figuring who gave it to me, there was a card, but without a name. i called up the florist to ask who was it, she said the sender ordered it online and didn't leave a name. there was this bigggg commotion in the office over me and the flowers i received. everyone was looking at me. so embarrassing! it wasn't my birthday, there's no special day, i don't have a bf... so who was it? 
then i slowly texted around and i found out who....

Thank you Mr. Mysterious! you brightened up my gloomy monday(:

after work that day, i met up with Mr DUKE YEE!! haahah. its been super ultra duper long since we met up. and since i missed his 21st bday chalet party, dinner was my treat (: had a good catchup. shall meet up more often since he stays so nearby! :D

shall post about my goatfarm trip on sunday and my ultra cool steamboat i went to yesterday, with a whopping 40 people!!!! soon. soon. once i get photos of steamboat and organize my goatfarm photos.. 
LUNCHTIME!!!! my stomach growled more than 10 times already... cus i only had 1 miserable piece of bread for breakfast as i woke up late. heh! i was half an hour late for work tday! whooooops.