Friday, June 04, 2010

yesterday was a good dinner. i was brought to a place i've always wanted to try, likewise for my friend. he doesn't want to be identified, cus he's a shy boyyyyy. haha so i shall call him YY.
YY is really a sweet guy. he planned the dinner venue and made a reservation beforehand. and the best of all, he refuse to tell me where it is.... he made me guess our dinner place with just a "harbourfront" place to start with. -.- so i gave up...
i patiently waited for work to end, and he was downstairs waiting to pick me up. that silly boy parked at SGX centre 2, cus he thought centre1 has no carpark or maybe they're linked. haha! once i board the car, he told me we're going for macs, and he bought macs for me. haha! lo and behold, a mac paper bag was under the seat. i opened it and guess what was it?
it was a box of a giant Kisses and various dark chocolate chocs and jasmine flower petals! YY rmbs that i loveeeee dark chocs and i hate jasmine flower though my name is jasmine, cus it smells like Little India. HAHA! the day before, he said that he will make it in a way whereby i wouldn't hate it. haha didn't really believe he could do that.. but sure he did surprise me with the gift! thankyou! (:

we took close to 30min and got 4 honks from various drivers just to get to harboufront which is very very near my office. haha! he's just as a direction idiot just like me. in fact, i think im better. haha! and he still can drive to school everyday.. i think his mind only has 1 route; from home to school. HAHA! we finally made it to harbourfront, and i got my answer.
we drove up Mount Fabar, and i guessed it was Jewel Box. yupppp, it is. it was a nice dinner, the place is really nice! but i got mozzie bites -.- haha, so blah blah blah. after dinner, we walked ard the place and got a magnificant view overlooking the shorter buildings. boy was it awesome! after dinner, collected the car from Valet and drove off to Suntec. parked car there and walked to the Helix Bridge. then we went inside Marina Bay Sands to take a look (: we had an idea in mind; to go up sky park. but unfortunately, you gotta stay in the hotelrooms there then you'lll have access to the skypark. damn! nvm, we'll find a way one day. hahaha!

enjoyable day indeed. beats going home everyday after work which i dislike. heeeee. gonna look forward to another "date" tonight. arts festival concert with Weijie and his rugby mates and some schoolmates. i wonder how is it gonna be like.... we'll see how later! back to work now (: