Saturday, June 05, 2010

i was thinking why is there such a loud chirping sound... just as i walked past my bro's bedroom, i saw a small little hummingbird perched in between the aluminium grilles! i called my mum up to take a look and she caught the bird in her hand! ohboy, the bird is sooooo small! the lil bird's head is barely abel to stick out of my mom's hand. just as i wanted to snap a photo of it, it slipped out of my mom's hand and flew off.
Awwwwwww! such a cute little tiny bird (:

i think i can officially decalre; i do not understand arts. so does the RP rugby boys. yesterday, my friend weijie brought me to an arts festival tgt with his rugby mates. it was a dance concert in conjunction with arts festival.. we were like laughing and trying to stay awake throughout the concert. haha! but the NUS one was not bad, good coordination. (: made friends with the gf of one of the ruggers, Bobby. realized we have common friends, since she's in ACJC. cooolxzxzx. guess where we headed for dinner? LAUPASAT. yessss, and i was practically the tourguide for them. hahahaha! and i found out Daryl is also interning nearby my office, at Adidas. thats so cool! made friends with all of them, and i swear they are one funny crazy bunch of good friends (: (: (: haha gonna hang out with them often with weijie (Y)!

kay time to head out now.. imma good girl tday! i didn't go swimming cus it looked like it was going to rain. so i helped mummy with house chores and i read the chinese papers!!!!!! :D
SPCA now, town later and powerhouse at night! byeeeeeeeeeee!