Monday, June 07, 2010! but the weekend was awesomeeeee!!!

went to SPCA with jess and we played with so many dogggggs in their kennel. awww so cute! makes me wanna adopt the golden retriever. all the dogs there are superrrrr adorable! and they'll keep playing with you.. :D so after SPCA we headed to Junru's place. went toast box first for tea break. HAHA! junru came shortly after and we went back her place. slack, talk, crap, eat dinner with her family and prepared. by the time we're done, it was like 830pm already. HAHAHAHA! we took super damn long to get prepared.trained down to meet cherie,ps and cel at vivo then off to powerhouse to get chops. waited outside for the rest of the entire clique to come down...they took dammmmn freaking longgggggg i swear. haha. finally, full strength, doug and some guys went down to buy bottles.headed to usual place to drink. haha damn funny, ppl got high and almost fight. tsktsktsk, gen srsly like one gangster. went in to club soon after. blah blah blah blah blah. what happens inside stays inside (:

now the funny part comes in... after club, junru and i headed back to her place, jess gone somewhere. then rightttt, she didn't bring key and the maid haven't wake up. so we opened the gate, and slept at the porch beside the car on the ground until the maid came out and woke us up. HAHA! blahh... went to bed at like 650am? thennnnnn, jess called at 8 ask me to come out and pass her cash for cab. and then i couldn't really fall back asleep afterwards.

woke up, found junru awake too and we talked. jess became interested and didn't sleep already. HAHA! gossip girls! last night some things were really hilarous and embarrassing for some! HAHAHAA! zomgggg couldn't stop laughing.. went for piano class afterwards.. and weijie called me to go see his touch rugby match at NTU. so i headed down NTU after piano class to see the rp boys play their match. sadly, weijie's team got 3rd in their category, so didn't get to play semis or finals. ohwells, nevermind (: oh oh, i saw my friend and i didn't know she was from SP touch team. coooooooolssss. :D
went for movies after the game ended... caught killers! nice movie, quite funny, but the ending abit lame. HAHAHA! home sweet home afterwards... dead tired!!!

and so today, im sooooo freaking tired. ohyes, im late yet again. tskkkkkkkkkkk. i think im going to sleep in during lunch... too tired to maintain. HAHA! OHYES, I SWEAR MPSIP SUPERVISORS ARE A PAIN IN THE ARSEEEE!! their instructions are so complicating, all of us are like whattttttttt??? now. so yeah. lets see my schedule for this week....

monday: work, SC meeting aft work
tues: work, cable ski after work
wed: work, student leaders camp and maybe tri trng
thurs: work, tri trng (since SLC should have ended by 7pm)
fri: work, triathlon camp
sat: triathlon camp
sun: piano class

bless my soul. thanks. off to work now! which i think i have none to work on tday. blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs. byeeeeeeeeee