Tuesday, June 08, 2010

i think im like the best Sports Club main com ever! i just took NON-PAID LEAVE FOR 2 DAYS, just for this Student Leaders Camp tml and thurs. byebye 50bucks! my paycheck is gonna look a tad bit emptyyyyyy.
sooo right, the SLC happening tml and thurs better be something AWESOME AND WORTH THE SACRIFICES IM MAKING. ohyes, and im sacrificing my triathlon training to attend the camp. wowww im so goooood.

so wed-thurs is SLC, after thurs gonna head home to rest, repack my camping bag. fri come work early in the morning and head off to triathlon camp after work. stayover in school and continue with camp until sat. shag ttm! i have a strong feeling i'll fall sick. nvm, shall bear with it! for the sake of SportsClub and Triathlon! :D
back to work now.... byeeeeeee