Monday, June 14, 2010

helloyello! (:

cable on tues was superrr fun! though it was my first time, i managed to rideeeeee out! all the way to the bend there. heeeeeheeee! proud of myself. but it took many rounds to get that! hahaha! gonna ride soon with wakeboard mates :D stupid wei ming didnt come down, so sadly, no photos of us riding. only the after ride, and showering photos.... but abit explicit. HAHAHA!

i look like a freaking ugly construction worker, but whattheheck! hahaha! love my girls (:

im back ! wed-thurs was Student Leaders Camp. we had like tons of workshops, some were interesting, some were like boringgxzxz. like the freaking 177 qns workshop. gawdddd, i would have fell asleep if not for fbking with chelsie, samantha and CJ. :B ohoh, Dragonboating was uber fun! cus Philo was the instructor and Zhiying was coxing. COOOOLXZZX. made friends with Dillion, Eeping, Izzad and Yunloong(ohwait, i alr know him before tp) from SU. haha. anndddddd the wind was supperrrrrrr strong that day! our boat kept rocking. philo has no balls, he squats down when he sense danger of dropping into the water. hahaha! zhiying not any better, splash water at his own boat mates. tsk tsk tsk! even can ask to stop at the platform so he can go pee. goshhh.
nevertheless, we had tons of fun, and WATER WAR! :D
day 2 we did the painting on the white frame thing that every sports group hates. cus that white frame thinggggg blocks the usual route to sports com from SAA and bizpark. HAHA! yeahh, u see that colourful paintings on that annoying thing? it was painted by US!!!

sooooo, i returned home as a tired girl... friday came and i went to work. got lots of stares otw and at office, cus i was carrying my super huge camping bag again.. HAHA! went for triathlon camp after work. camp was gooood (: it made me realize how much i've weaken.... time to pull my socks up! we had a biathlon race on sat morning. gosssshh, barely awake. HAHA! that race was like, a wake up call mannn. haha! anw, we took photos and alllll in the water, kenneith joined us too! coooolllllssss, i totally dig underwater shots and photos related to water. its soooo awesomeeee! here's those in darren's cameraaaaa, there's still more in kenneith's.

try spotting me! hahaha
TP Team Triathlon! (missing weiqian, pan, zul, pearlyn)

after camp, went back home, charged phone, napped awhile, went out to meet clubbing clique to visit those poor souls working at IT fair. hahahahaha! slacked around, had dinner, headed down to Powerhouse. left earlyyyyyy cus i was super burned out from camp.

and todayyyy, mum brought me out for shopping trip! cus daddy's sick and he's staying at home, so we headed out. haha like bastard only right. being a nice awesome daughter, i treated my mum to lunch at DingTaiFung (: well, cus she always complain she's forever washing my dirty camp clothes and packing my exploding wardrobe for me, so she deserves a treat. -.- hahaa.
anw we shopped alotttt. i got jeans and tops from F21, top & bottom from cottonon, 4 pairs of heels&sandals&flats from Schu, and lastly, a pair of Vans & Toms from Rockstar. YEAHHHH!!!! superrrr happppyyyyyy, i got my pretttayyeee toms! :D

my pretttttty toms!

 i psychoed mom to buy this vans for herself, cus they didn't have my size. haha, and she thinks its pretty! of course laaaaaahhhh, i wanted this damn long ago please. hahaha!

OHYES, i went for piano class earlier in the day, anddddddd
I PASSED MY PIANO EXAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 EXAMS NEXT YEAR SEPTEMBER! must go slow already, scared i fail.
legs aching from a whole day of shopping.  shall turn in now. work tomorrow.

i wanted to wish you happy birthday
but i guess it doesn't matter if i wished you or not
you probably wouldn't want to have anything to do with me
ever again.
all i wanted is a close relationship with you.
being close with you,
is all i wanted.
not necessarily a committed relationship,
cus im leaving.
i guess you dont want to have anything to do with me ever again.