Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hiiiii. work is so boring, i had to blog. okay so like i rmb i haven't blogged about my farmy trip(have i?) and some others. but ahhh i dont have photos here....

okay here's one event. i went out withe the RP rugby boys to an arts festival event. weijie asked me for this event and i went.. so here's like 2 photos we have. HAHA!

Charis(bobby's gf, my cousin's fren), Bobby, weijie(aka bob), myself.

me likeyyy (: pity we didn't take more photos....

oh and righttttttt, weijie knows im damn bored at work, so he introduced me this webbie that he always goes to when he's bored. its damn freaking hilarious i swear! check this out.

like totall wtf?! hahaha i was laughing to myself after i read this!
boreddddd much! i have to translate chinese descriptions of 15 properties. greattttttttttttt, i totally suck at cheeeenaaaaa. back to work!!! that piggggg is sleeeeeping now, nobody to entertain me. im bored stiff. follow me on twitter everyone! chhyyee