Monday, June 21, 2010

hola everyone! its the Monday Blues today again. everything's so hectic now. AGM around the corner, triathlon/biathlon competition etc etc. here's some photos to chase the blues awayyyyy:D

wednesday i had work and training, thurs work and training. fri i went to fetch my beloved bro from airport and he brough back tons of goodies for me! shall share in my next blog entry on the gifts he brough back for me (:
then sat, woke up at 7am, went for traithlon training, ran 1 and a half round at reservoir, came back to swim pool, swam many laps until 1230pm. bathed, went to meet paddy & mui for dork's flea at supperclub.saw some faces and some stories that were long lost. haha but it was interesting! awesomeeee. but it was warrrrrr. hahaha. went to town, wanted to search for my dress, but saw derrick instead, ended up talking to him.... got back home, repack my bag and went out. talked to suppliers alllll. blahhhh. met yat and derrick all outside FEP.
and and and that day, i got my maxi dress! plain black! love it much, cost me 43 bucks, it better last long. haha!

had sportsclub retreat over at randall's house.. meeting started at 12 midnight. hahaa, and we ended at 5am. then had "bonding session" plus drinking, until what 8am plus? and i died on the bed because of pure exhaustion. was awake for 25 hours, plus shagggness from training. woke up at 1 plus, watched Malcolm with randall, with eugene snoring beside. HAHAHA! went home at 4plus, came out again to have father's day dinner with family.

GOD IM SO TIRED. even today. feel like sleeping any moment. & my schedule is going to get even busier. lets seeeee.
  • 21 june(tday): wakeboard meeting, SC agm filming
  • 22 june: maybe go find supplier
  • 23june: SC agm dry run
  • 24 june: triathlon training, AS agm
  • 25 june: CSC agm
  • 26 june: training in morning, brunch with clique, fly kite with clubbbing clique
  • 27 june: piano, family day
  • 28 june: wakeboard training
  • 29june: TPSU agm
  • 30june: Student Award Ceremony(will be taking leave from work)
  • 1july: AC agm
  • 3july: supperclub event, specially requested by Div to goooooo. SJC clubbing meetup
  • 4july: piano, family day
  • 5july: ESC agm
  • 6july: maybe hair dye and haircut session
  • 7july: triathlon swim
  • 8july: triathlon run
  • 9july: might be working for WCG, billy bday dinner
  • 10july: WCG
  • 11july: WCG
  • 12july: wakeboard training
  • 13july: FREE
  • 14july: triathlon swim
  • 15july: triathlon run
  • 16july: REST
  • 17july: SP Biathlon
  • 18july: piano, rest
i want to be like this. HAAHHA! im just kidding. future boyfriends for anyone? :/

have a good week everyone! :D