Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my beloved bro bought all these goodies from Korea for me, and well, my mum will definitely share it with me. hahah! some photo galore.

oh mannn, i said i wanted to paint my nails, but i was so busy doing my stuff, i forgot to paint my nails :(
sometimes i wonder, is it good to be myself?
so many things for me to worry about,
entertain people.
i've got lots of things bottled up inside me. i know everyone will say dont bottle things up, not good. but its just that i dont know how to say it out, and not everyone can relate. you know, i just think i shld deal with my problems myself. hiyaaaaa, i dont know what to say. so many things u know!
troubled girl, but smiley at the same time; thats me! :D

okay, life's good. yay horray!

im looking forward to plans with friends everyday! :D
im sorry clubbbbingclique, if i cant movie with you guys on friday. i may have something on,i shall tell u guys about it if its confirmed. im so sorrrrry in advance! but kiteflying and picnic is still on on saturday!
shall update this space if i have any updates on friday. hahaha..

okay i gotta leave my com on and download the stupid revit architecture program AGAIN. gotta sleep now. i just black out for like 1 sec and my com screen is spinning  and my head is pounding hard, and its damn pain. goodnight all!