Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fruitful friday indeed! (: i did have other secretive plans. haha, well i guess its not so secretive now as photos are all over fb, and more coming up.. friday, i went for commissioning ball, as Shikai's date :)

i went for work in the morning, had halfday leave. so at lunchtime i came home, took a 1hr nap, woke up at 3. then i got down to prepare for the ball. at 540, shikai came to pick me up and we went down to Ion first for a walk. then to Marriott. i happened to bump into a few people i know there! i was so surprised! cus i thought i didn't know anyone there cus its like the army officers commissioning ball.
  • Edric, who used to be my GL in phantos.
  • Wati, my fellow Holqa mate, who is gf of one of Shikai's officer friend
  • Frederick, aka Ah boon, pauline's clique whom i know of
  • Sharlene, ahboon's date, also pauline's clique whom i know of
  • Kingston, an officer there that night too, whom i first know ages ago when he intro me to rugby.
Dinner commenced at 8 sharp. frederick was lost as usual, and he was the latest to arrive at our table. photographer came to take photo of the group at each table.
so this is our table, the officers at the back and their dates infront :)

then we had games of bird, water and rock! HAHA

and build the tallest free standing structure....
and our side won!

main dish served, followed by passin fruit and mango sorbet. VERY SOUR MUCH!

and another round of games. this one super funny! take note of the last guy! its like the guys have to place this balloon bump between their hips and the girl's, and they gotta push it tgt to bump the balloon up using their hips only. and the last guy did it so PERFECTLY, it looks totally wrong!!!!

and he is obviously the winner! look at how he does the job man!!! everyone was laughinggggg down stage. HAHA!

photo moments! (: shikai and myself at our dinner table
and when all the guys went on stage to take group photo, you cannot differentiate who is who. hahaha! & i like this photo on the right very much (:
Left: shikai & myself. Right: shalene & frederick(ahboon)
myself, shikai, ummm derek(?), and eileen(?)

AND OUR POLORAIDS!!! hahahaha! his friend and the date bought quite alot of films, and we were the only pair who scored 5 poloraids to bring home. yay! thanks to his indian friend! :D

after the ball, a whole bunch of us headed down to Keppel Bay, then down to Holland V. photos are still with Kenneth, shikai's friend. so yeahhh, will only be able to blog here when i get it. but photos are nice! his photography skills are really good! :D shall show u guys some of the nice ones (:

so today, i went over my granny's place to cook traditional dish and to visit her. nice slacking day (: watched Sky High and The Spy Next Door on my uncle's plasma tv. HAHA! awesomeeee! laugh the shit out of myself. haha!

tomorrow im gonna have work, as usual, and have a farewell dinner with Jodine! (: cus dear jodine is flying off to Tasmania soon to study. so yeah, farewelllll! gonna turn in nowwwww. work as usual, cnanot be late! nights all!