Thursday, August 12, 2010

as the end of internship is drawing nearer, i start to be super busy! but time passes faster (:
11 more days!!!!
its been a super busy week for me, well almost every week is busy for me. hahaaha!

remember the "sky diving" experience i had some time ago? welllll, its actually a photoshoot for 100plus. and this 2 shoots is actually for the primary pic for 100plus fb page (:

barney, weijie, myself, shermain, and sean. my beloved 100plus team (:
USSSSS! SKYDIVINGGGG! like literally. hahaha! its on Straits Times on monday (:

okay so like on friday, had mui's bday, and i went to meet clubbing clique and went down zouk! and and it was the volcom fashion show thing
there are more photos but fb isn't loading, so yeah cant grab it.....

i had 100plus job briefing at boonlay. YES, BOONLAY. then met haikel and his fellow db mates at town for some slackkkkking time. and he bought his bensherman polo, with the 3 of our opinions! we basically eliminated the colours we dont like/dont want him to buy, and he bought the only choice left. HAHAA! awesomeeee. guys do their shopping super fast, cus they come out with a goal in mind, set sight on the shop, buy and done. whereas girls will take their time walk ard, see what's nice and available. haha.
 met up with clique afterwards and celebrated desmon's bday, and i went home early... photos aren't available yet tooooo. hahaha! will upload them when i manage to save them. heh heh.

had photoshoot with patrick in the morninnnngggg

(fill in the story details yourself)
to be continued.........

so after photoshoot, met sk in town for movie and small shopping ard... blahhhblahhh, nothing much, he left at 5plus for family dinner.. then i went home, i saw people running at the track downstairs and i got inspired to run as well! HAHA! and so did i.. ohyesss, i noticed a stalker at my corridor! holyyy crappp, i swear its freaky!

worked for 100plus for NDP event. if u were in town from 11-1pm, u shld hav seen people frantically giving out freeeee 100plus cans. well thats us! i'll blog the photos up aft i've resized them. its too freaking huge. alternatively, u can always head over my fb

took leave from work due to YOG. went wakeboardddding at 12! heh heh! it feels awesome mannn! to be out under the sun again, oyeahhh! then went for some leadership workshop and yog dance and song stufffff. then some preparation and at like 7pm, the torch came... yay and done. HAHA. went for water sports BBQ behind SAA. it was superrrr fun! triathlon, wakeboard, kayakracing, lifesaving, water polo was down! and we had helllll lots of fun tgt. hahha! photos will be uplaoded when they're processed. hehhe! super fun i swear. hahahahhaahaa! coke and water war fest.

returned back to workkkk. boringgggggg. work work work work work. then training in the evening! wooohoooo. did the last few sets on my own cus the team has already completed it. my body is aching alottttt mannn.
300m warm up (100m pull w buoy, 100m fins, 100m bilateral)
 300m drills (25m drills,25m normal)
100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m (30sec rest in between each set)
6x25m explosive, followed by normal 25m swim
200m warm down
awessssssssssssssssomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. aching muscles ftw (NOT).

todayyyy, work as usual. gotta write up a report and mindmap for PR and landed properties. ohcraaaap. then training in the evening. today's running. okay shall go do my project now for awhile then office work. byeeeeee. here's some cool photos to share...

i love photobombs! HAHAHA! enjoy!

how far interns will go to land a job. hahaa

p.s. i'll update my blog more often... so i dont accumulate so much backlog.. haha! that's a relief for all my readerssss (: internship is ending! i can blog more often and more freely! :D