Friday, August 06, 2010

today is a boring day. but laksanaaaa made it good! skyped with him from 2plus until now. hahaha super funny! he burps, picks his nose, sings damn awfully, and declares he has a hot bodehhhh! haha super funnnnnnyyyy! and i secretly screen shot all these and tagged him on fb. unfortunately, he untagged himself cus he doesn't wanna be associated with unglam photos. hahaha! ass! nevermind, shall promote him here.


anw, TGIF!!! im gonna meet clique like nowww. then after mui's bday im gonna meet my 2nd clique! the clubbberssss! they're gg zouk tday.. still contemplating if i shld go. HAHA! maybe i shall jsut go and meet them u knowww, like just meet them at zouk den leave at an earlier time. ohwellsss! we shall seeee! ahahaha. time to knock off! happy holidays to all!!!!! its no holiday for me :(

i see a special meaning in you(: