Thursday, August 05, 2010


TP Triathlon won the first ever PO-LITE!!! Men's individual clinched 1st,2nd and 5th position. Women's individual clinched 3rd, 5th and 6th position.
anddddd we got Mens and Womens OVERALL CHAMPION!!!!!
WOOOHOOO!! u can imagine every school's face went when they announced womens champion also goes to TP! HAHAHA! double champs in first ever PO-LITE!! all our trainings tgt (and secret training individually) paid off! now we gotta train twice as hard to maintain our position.
team triathlon + kayak racing + lifesaving/swim team+ DB girls

here's some photos of my fun shoot i did with adam twin! Bubbles Attack! (:

life has been pretty stressed up. been working daily as usual, trying hard to squeeze in time during working hours to do my major project which is due for a competition this end august! im not even close to 2/5 of completing it! im soooo doomed! if i dont meet the deadline, there goes my MP, and my grades!

ohya, im joining wakeboard competition in Mettle Games 2010! novice category! ohmyyyy, i have to master the novice trick list in 3 months. HOLYYYY COWWWW! must come support me okay! no matter how lousy i do for my competition. hahaha *deeply appreciated* here's a screen shot of the novice trick list :D i dont understand half of them -.-
competition is on 5-7nov! after my internship ends, im going to train double hard! swim everyday at noon for triathlon self trngs, and wakeboard at bedok reservoir at least once or twice a week!
but as of now, its still SIP, MP and rushing to school for regular trainings for wakeboard and triathlon :)

guess where am i going tomorrow? :B
im going to......
celebrate mui's belated bday with my beloved clique! :D

L to R; 1st, 2nd, 4th, last.
Dorcas (aka dork), Petrina (aka paddy), Myself (aka chye), Lynette (aka mui), and yolanda who isn't in the photo.
this photo was taken on the last day of our O's. since sec3 when we were put in the same class, we became close and till today, we still are.
even when yolanda migrated to Newzeland, dork went Murdoch University and is working now, paddy went Ngeeann poly to study psychology, mui went NYJC and is in NTU now, and myself in Temasek poly, we are still together as one clique. this shows how strong FRIENDSHIP is.
its been 4yrs plus, im so glad i have you guys in my life (:

ohyes, i did sth over the weekend! :) SUPER UBER FUN! i'll update more on this when im allowed to. for now, enjoy this sole photo and make a guess what we're doing! hahahaa! i shall upload the after photo of this. well, it'll be after NDP. :) excited! stay tuned!

here's a video for you guys to enjoy. DAMN AWESOME WAKEBOARDING SKILLS!!!

now i shall get back to work.  whyyyyyy when internship is about to end then they throw us helll loads of work to do??!!! UGHHH. hate em. bye world.
looking forward to tomorrow! i shall bring along my new ROBOT! :D
its my new toy camera with 3 pin holes :D :D :D hehhh! eggggy much! <3