Wednesday, July 28, 2010

think im torturing myself.
but then again, i should see it from another perspective; pushing myself to the limits.
but am i?
or is it just another cover to tire and knock myself out totally?
the track, the reservoir, spells nostalogic.

anyhow, i should be wary of my knee.
i cant run long distance, my knee has a condition/persistant injury(i think).
but im trying to train my knee up and i hope to complete a full marathon one day.
please let me run and swim faster! im still thinking if i should join Tri-Factor this year or not.....

Tomorrow's Triathlon PO-LITE! all the best guys! do your best, and we'll win the rest!!!
though i've taken leave tml, i've got no privilege of sleeping in.
gotta wake up at 7am, go school edit bonkers memo again, meeting with paul cheong at 10am, swim self training at noon, meeting with kyle in the afternoon, meet kyle again at 4pm with triathlon team, move off to nyp for PO-LITE at 5pm.

goodnight all, its 2am.