Monday, July 26, 2010

ALOHA EVERYONE! its been long yes, sorry for the lack of updates! i really need to revamp my blog soon, cant stand the small layout. hahaa! shall do some updates with photos (Y)!! this is going to be a superrrrr long post!

okay so Singtel has uploaded photos and videos! here's some of Day 1 auditions! :D still waiting for Day2 to come out. i heard from the employees that there were alot of girls who applied for audition. like out of 1000 plus, they shortlist 300 plus and then down to Top 55 at the end of Day 1. so yuppp, these are the photos of the top 55 hopefuls. those that got in will go on to Day 2 auditions, in hope of getting a bonus, of Top12. HAHA! sadly, yours truly didn't get Top 12, but lucky for me, i still secured my place as Top 55. :D

Singtel Grid Girls Audition- spot me near the end! :D stupid banner at the end block my face. -.- okay but the its me its me is rehearsed horrrrrr. im not so thick skinned.... HAHA!

spot me appearing randomly in the video! HAHAHAH!

alternatively, you guys can go to for more photos, videos and updates (:

so over the last weekend, i had my biathlon competition at SP! it was a good experience, though i didn't win anything (duhhhhhh.). but its the experience that counts, and i got to know where i stand now. hahahaah! show u guys some peeektures!

above 3 images are indeed myself. HAHA! was still trying to adjust my race belt after transition.
girls of team triathlon! minus pearlyn, who was taking this photo for us...
our team! minus quite a handful who didnt participate. oh nooo, coach isn't in this photo! and the guy in white and light blue; thats kenneith, our advisor (:

Team Triathlon + Kayak Racing! :D :D  :D

so this concludes my weekend last week. now moving on to this week....
monday went home after work cus i wasn't feeling well to go for wakeboard training :(
tues went back school to do PO-LITE IVP notice board outside SAA after work.
wed had training, same goes for thurs.

fri took half day off. met cherie for lunch and mani+pedicure session! MUAHAHA! went to school to meet Sportsclub peeps for Samsung Human Torch event! yeahhhh! we were part of the historic moment of lighting up and being part of the 2010 students involved in the human torch on 23July, 2010hrs at Clarke Quay. we were on newsssss! awesomeeee! some photos to share (:
awesome looking human torch!!! :D :D :D

sat was considered well spent.. if only the hiccups didnt appear.... had 2 photoshoots back to back in the morning starting from 8am... WAS SUPPOSED to meet cindy and some girls at noon, BUTTTTT all overslept and all... met them only at 3 plus. poor me, lotsa things happened in between -.- met up, had koi, catch up, camwhored! left to meet sk at 6. walked ard, find present, had dinner.
then met up with donovan at 10pm? had supper with him, then i decided to go neverland with him and his ex-colleagues. haha cus i've never been there before and i wanna hav a look at how the place is, why so many people like to head there... and so i went. got in, had a few drinks cus don and his company ppl opened bottle. his colleague quite funny ahhh, keep refilling my cup with martell, refusing to let me go... -.- anw shall go neverland one day to drink and "club". HAHA. change of environment. any takers? :D
donovan, army boy to be. hahaha! his farewell drinking session organised by his colleagues (now ex colleagues)

and todayyyy, had piano class in the morning. a super guai lan guy is taking over receptionist. oh goddddd, hate him ttm man. haha. okay, but besides that, managed to hang out with my family. HAHA! yeah hang out. we went to cool places. hahaa! we went haagen daz at suntec and some slight shopping. heh heh! bro bought formal shoes from Everbest, i got a puma duffel bag! MUAHAHA! awesomeeeee! :D
time for bed now. back to work tomorrow. IM GONNA START COUNTING DOWN TO THE END OF INTERNSHIP!!!!!! i swear internship is sooo not fun! not when u have a male colleague who tries to hit on u everyday, and worse, he sits beside you and always see what u're doing at yr monitor and looks at u ALL THE TIME.... im being tortured everyday.
 please let this hell end soooon! i wanna be back at school, swim everyday at noon and enjoy life! hahhaa. nahh, maybe minus away the enjoy life.. gotta chiong on my MP during hols mannnzzzzz. life of a Year3 student. HAHA!

kay goodnight all! this post took me dammmmn long to do. please spend some time looking through it and appreciating everything horrrr. tyvm! :D