Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hi all! updating time!

1) Sports Club Bi-Weekly Training! all subcoms of sportsclub, do remember to turn up today for you first ever session of Bi-Weekly training! it'll be filled with fun filled activities and you will get to know the people running this club, which is us the main coms! so do turn up today 6pm, Bastetball Court, in your sports attire and covered shoes. We'll see you there! :)
P.s. i took great pains of doing this poster up(had to re do for 4 times cus my com hanged), so do us a favour and turn up tday. thank you! (:

2) piano class tomorrow, then i'll be doing some slight running at night to prep my body up a little.
3) This Saturday is my Biathlon competition at SP. (: (: (: super eggggcited!!! wish me luck everyone...
4) family potrait photo taking straight after competition with my bro in his graduation gown (:
5) cindy's bro's bday party at 6pm sharp..
6) and and and im FINALLY gonna meet dom gang for dinner at chomps this coming sunday night! (Y) its been longgggggggggggg. the last time i met mel tan was like before i left for korea? which was last dec! hahaha!
7) diviya is leaving for australia tml!!!! :( hope to meet her there when im going over too! Bon Voyage duck!!! we'll miss youuuuuu!
8) ohyessss, dearest cherietwiggy has plans of going over aussie with me to study tgt. but i gotta defer for a year since she's one year slower than me in poly. okay we'll keep that plan tentatively in mind, shall confirm everything once its nearer and check out the criteria to enter the uni. hohoho. speaking of which, she recently perked me up. not really though, i was self entertaining. i was so bored i depicted a scenario and drew out Cherie's Adventures! HAHAHAH! im an aspiring artist! :D

thats all folks! i shall upload photos of supperclub night when i manage to save all of 'em. in the mean time, tune in to BOBBY LEE at youtube for cranky stuff! he's super hot stuff i swear!!!! fucking hilarious, perks me up all the time!

24 with Bobby Lee and John Cho

He's reallly awesome on the violin!!!!