Sunday, July 11, 2010

HIIIIII!!!! the weekend has been a super awesome one!!!!

so saturday i went down for audition. i got 3pm timeslot, and i made friends with Jacqueline, Lynette & Belle! they're like super awesome and nice peeeeps! so like all of us were nervous and all so we started talking alotttt. then we had some photoshoots and lots lots lots of videoing. HAHA! took a video shoot link with kui jien... blahhh blahhhh, soon all of us entered the theatrette for our audition. went up stage, intro, Q&A, and the judges ask me to sing a song, since melody chen asked if i like anything else besides sports, and i said music. HAHA!
yup, then we were done, exchanged contacts with the girls and all.... then at like 5 plus, got a text and call saying i got selected into Top55 Grid Girl! WOOOHOOO!!! :D :D :D

so today, met the girls at 1030am at Singtel Telcom, we had 2nd round of audition and briefing. omg super long... but i didn't get into top12. but nevertheless, all 55 of us are like handpicked from 300plus on sat and 55 of us will still be featured on the day itself! cooool right!!!
we will be standing beside the cars and drivers and holding flags for them at the grid. prior to that, we all have to attend grid trainings and etiquette classes and all. ohyes, not forgetting the awesome Grid Girl Party!!! :D :D :D :D :D ohyeahhh yeahh yeahhh!!!
so aft the announcement of Top12, we shoot another video and had lots of photoshoots for Top55, then took measurements for our uniform and shoes. yeah, everything's custom made for each of us. the dress and the shoes :D and they dry clean for u whenever u wear it. HAHHA! pampered ttm! and best thing, we get paid when we go for trainings or when we make appearances anywhere, AND of course on the race day itself :D :D AWESOMEEEE MUCH!!!!  shall upload photos and videos when they're up (: (: (:
finallllyyy last year of F1, im able to get up close and personal with the drivers! hopefully it'll give me more exposure! :D im superrrr excited!!! but hopefully it doesn't clash with my studies and school. cus everything's happening during school period. =X

work as normal tomorrow.... ohmannnn :/ & i'll be going for wakeboard training! yayyyy!! :D awesomeeeee! egggciting! shall turn in now (: nighttttyyyy!