Wednesday, August 18, 2010

hiiiiihoooo! the weekend was good(: friday was a damn crazy night with the water sports team,celebrating pam's bday at Liquid Kitchen. hahaah. made more friends there and stayed till like what 6am? even after they closed, they let us continue drinking and playing games inside. hahaha. crashed over at junru's place. poor junru, she had to hop down when jess, pam and i arrived at her place..

ohoh, i went over wavehouse in the evening to meet the manager. yay, i confirmed my place as wave instructor. im gnna start working in 2 weeks time. so for the time being, i gotta go wavehouse often to improve my riding. once i end my internship, i can start work :D awesomeeee! come wavehouse ride okay everyone! i will pull youuuuu! hehe!

alright so then sunday i took a rest at home, did some work from office and my project then headed over to Stjames for the bar's soft launch and The New Paper Soccer Babes. it was a good night! met new girls and and and two of my fellow Singtel Grid Girls! (YY) went over to Needs Salon at scape for our hair done (sponsored!) then head down to the bar. whoaaa peopleezzzzz everywhere. haha. it was a fun night! this guy, Jerry, should thank ivy, pris and myself lor! we chose him to join the Mr Hunk contest happening that night, though he didn't win, he walked away from that contest with a Tigerbeer tower. AT THE END OF THE NIGHT, HE WON THE TICKETS TO WATCH LIVERPOOL VS MANU LIVE AT THE STADIUM!!!! he should totally thank us for being his LadyLuck!!!! hahaa.
oh we're on TNP tuesday edition. (: i've uploaded the scanned image of it. go check it out! more to comeeee (:

ohhh i went wavehouse to ride for 2hrs ytd. met gabriel there and his friend. guess what, his friend is also starting work as wave instructor the same time as me! hohoho, that's good! i got a new found friend as wavehouse staff too. :D i improved a little bit aft ytd's riding. dont know how to say, but  i know i improved. i can feel it, and gab's fren also agree that i improved. yeahh!! im gonna ride more often and improve until i can do various tricks :D im dammmmn hapy i improved!!!!!!! must keep it there chye. :B

OH YES CHYE IS GOING TO PERM NATURAL CURLS SOON! please dont laugh at her if her hair gets screwed up. (:

i reallllllly need a change of layout and new header banner. any kind souls who're good in design wanna help meeeeee? i'll credit you :D