Saturday, August 21, 2010

Brand New Look!

Hi ho merrily ho!
dad bought humongous strawberries home! (Y) i swear its super huge! HAHAH! i know you guys cant stand my super spastic face, so i gotta crop it out before i lose you guys.

ANYHOW! AS YOU CAN SEE, I REVAMPED MY BLOG! isn't it like sooooo nice and neat now? :D :D :D and i can upload hugeeee photos without having scared that there will be space constraints. Yay! && im super proud, cus i did this entirely by myself! ever since i got my blog in 06, i didn't do up the template myself. it was Glenda who did it for me. NOW, im proud to say i did it myself! i freaking spent the whole afternoon doing it... and i did it wrong for half the day. ughh, shan't speak of that. haha!
but, im still left with 3 components which i hav no idea how to place it in the template. they are my chatbox, songs and blog stats. anyone can helpppp poor chye with this? i'll be eternally grateful.

i was a good girl today, i stayed home the whole of saturday! woohoo! my mom came across the NDP fun box and she dug out the tattoos, so we all put tattoos on, while eating magnum icecream! HAHAHA! how cute of my family!

So here's some of the TNP Soccer Babe and the soft launch at StJames last sunday! (:
ivy, myself and pris (:

the above 5 images are round 1 of food and drinks. HAHAHA! we girls can eat alottttt. and check out the "sea snail" shine was talking about. the one that looks like garden salad. HAHAH!


check out kui jien. HAHAH!

and and that lucky black shirt guy in the middle is Jerry! THE ONE WHO SHOULD THANK IVY,PRIS AND MYSELF! hahahahaha!

& check this out! we were on newspaper on tuesday(: hahaa more to come! if you happen to see any of my photo up there, tell me k! hahaha. :D

tomorrow, im going to go for piano in the morning, then to wavehouse in the afternoon for training, and dinner with weijie and his rp rugby clan at thomson. they say there's good food there, so yep, we're gonna try it out! (:
ohya, piano is getting more and more expensive mannn. my piano fees just increased. now its $240/4 lessons. call it daylight robbery man! and 240 is NOT inclusive of theory lessons! if u wanna take theory grade, gotta pay extra idk how much. -.- this is bullshit.

i shall continue on my project and turn in early.