Tuesday, August 24, 2010

those were the days uh.
myself, bernice, billy, gen, cherie, alvin khoo, samuel, yanru, peishan, wingyin, ryon, vance, douglas, ariel, beverly, kansie, malvyn, brad chai, jeffrey, marcus, zak, wilson quah, yat, ranald, jonnyboy, kori, ethan, billyboxman, desmond, jayden, jiewei, shirak, alvin yip, ivan goh, eugene, frederick.
our usual clubbing clique. (: now we're kinda splitted in our own groups amongst this clique. we no longer go butter together, but now more of zouk on fri and ph on sat. come on guys, one more time, butter full attendance. reminisce the old times when we were close and full of crap and hogging out VIP table at butter! HAHA!
Love y'all!

was having a skype session with haikel cus i was superrrrr bored doing my project. and here goes his "unknowingly camwhore session"
anyone wants to fit in his NPDB jacket which is even shorter than a normal singlet? he's willing to give it to u. HAHAHAH!

okayyyy he claims that his right is bigger than his left
and the signature pose....

suddenly, i received a call. this guy from CMM, president of the tp newsletter called me, saying he wanna interview me. and apparently he got my number from SAA. he heard that im in Grid Girls this year, and they wanna cover me on the day itself at F1. cooooool. but first, interview and phototaking with a TNP New face finalist as well. oh and i also let them know im a TNP Soccer babe. hahahaha. TNP is going to be like famous in my school la. noooo, and the school is gna see my chui face. -.- i can no longer go school in my just-got-out-of-bed-look alreadddddyyyy. :/ aaaahhhh.

todayyyyy, i had my cramps visiting me at 3plus and  i was at work and no painkillers. well, the medication my doc has been prescribing me all these while seem to have caused an allergy in me. -.- yaaahhhh, im allerrrrrrgic to some ingredient in the medication now. greeeaaaat, i can only tahan the pain. so at 5pm, BUURRREEAGGGGHHH, i vomitted out my 3/4 digested lunch, twice. haha. idk why, since sec sch, whenever my cramps get super bad, i will vomit.


buttttt, looking on the bright side, tml's off day for me. jalil and i took leave from work just to stay home and chiong on our proj... how noble of us. OH SHIT, I HAVEN'T SUBMITTED MY TIMESHEET YET, AND ITS 25TH TML, AND IM NOT GG OFFICE.  craaaaaaapppp. :/
project sucks, designing sucks, being tired sucks.
i want my bed, bolster and comfy arms to lie in :(