Monday, September 20, 2010

wavehouse has been a horror ytd! 4-5pm, a bunch of really irritating-annoying-retarded-bunch of idiots came. sighhhh, shall not dwell too much on it. poor odelia, kena smacked in the ass.. cus Lil' Jon came ytd, so there were lotsaaaa people...

 i went Entourage with ivan and adeline, to the One with Chivas event at clarke quay. a super atas event, where everyone had to wear white. hahaa, sadly i wore black, cus i was out of my house alr! hahah. so reached there, was treated like some royal. hahaha! the chivas that night was of a special blend, Chivas 18. one bottle $225, one glass $10, proceeds will go to the poverty striken kids. super awesome event, cus i got to stand right infront, at the stage there, and i got to see KOFLOW right in the face, and boy he does look young and good looking! hahaaaaa, i keep telling ivan "OMG HE'S SO YOUNG, AND GOOD LOOKING!" met lots of people! this angmoh named Mark, which is ivan's good friend,auctioned for a special whiskey for $43,000! WTHHHH! hahhaa! anw he's nice, he's got like diamonds or sth on his upper row of teeth. HAHA! and then there's the organisers for the event. and the brand manager for Chivas, named Albert. a really nice guy, took good care of me. we lost a bottle of chivas when we went out for a breather. and he got us another bottle. HAHA! which idiot took our bottle! and the dj Glen. and i forgot who else. oh and i saw terrence cao! WOOHOOO! he loooked at meee (Y)
anw  it was a really fun event, i met lots of people! (:
 okay peopleeee, please buy TNP on wed to see the Entourage section, you can see my pretty/retarded face.. i wonder how this time would be like...
here's one photo we took and they printed on the spot for us....

i think i really stand out. in terms of my colour. -.-

 parent's wedding anniversary lunch! went to some chinese restaurant to have our meal.

was our last grid girl training.. nothing much seriously. just walked and carried the boards, walked to position, blah blah blah. and got a reminder to reach Singtel building at 845am on saturday. went to meet the fatboy at tampines after training. we went IKEA! meatttttbaaaaaaalllsssss! OHOH, and rightttt, while walking from the busstop to ikea, i swear A FREAKING TREE BUG OR A COCKROACH DROPPED ON ME!!! i seriously sweaaaaarrrrrrr! then i was like aaaaaahhhh and tried to fling it away, and i keep thinking it dropped  inside my bag. so when i reached ikea, i threw all my contents out and flipped my bag inside out to make sure there's nth inside. i swear IM TERRIFIED OF INSECTS!! anw here's some photos (i mean not of the insect, but of the day)

our spread!

i think i look small beside fatboy. i think its time to gym those scrawny arms of mine. needa build some biceps and triceps (Y)  wed ngeeann gym, lets go!

he's gay. seriously. HAHA.

wavehouse, then to TNP sports bar for soccer babe session. haha. more photos with nick and ivy. hmm i suppose soccer babe column would be out after Entourage. oh oh., and i got a year free subscription of NewPaper!! yayyyy, kudos to ivan, and being a TNP soccer babe. wooohooo!

and as for today, i'll be heading down to orchard central for 100plus focus group, sth for the 100plus ambassadors... :D coooolzzzz. ohya, im 100plus ambassador. HAHA! as in for TP. cus like every sch has 2 100plus ambassador, im TP's one (Y)! tgt with barney ong! haha. that sucker.

lets see my schedule...
today: 100plus focus group
21 sept (tues): wavehouse (10-6pm)
22sept (wed): 100plus focus group, gym with haikel at ngeeann gym
23sept (thurs): wavehouse
24sept (fri): rest at home
25sept (sat): F1
26sept (sun): F1
27sept (mon): unsure yet... HAHA!
28sept (tues): wavehouse
29sept (wed): wavehouse
30sept (thurs): sportsclub subcom camp
1oct (fri): sportsclub subcom camp
2oct (sat): free in morning, welcome back dinner for div from melb.
3oct (sun): piano
10oct (sun)-18oct (mon): HONGKONG!!!!

okay i shall go watch a movie on my laptop, practice my piano den bathe and get ready to head out... toooooodlesssss!