Thursday, September 16, 2010

hello monsters! (: 

im recovering! thanks wilson for your medicine lozenges, during the surprise visit to wavehouse! (:
so i've been working very hard, thus no time to update. heh, sorrry guys! mon-wed, straight 3 days work! my hands are turning rough! peoplezzzz, please RELEASE THE ROPE when u fall off the flow board. DONT DONT HOLD ON THE ROPE, you'll give me bad rope burns like this! and dont tug the rope when u're out there. TYVM!

tday's off day! woohooo. but my schedule's packed still.. im gonna surf later at 11. then 2pm, i've got the TP newslettter photoshoot & interview. i'll probably head down to Needs Salon to have my hair treatment afterwards. and lastly, piano class at 815pm tonight. tadaaa, seems quite packed, but still pretty relax. (:

some photos of shuting & myself at work! (:
we've really became malays/indians-to-be.... super tannnned! haha.

okay im going to wavehouse now. to surrffffff! muahahaha.
1week& 1day to F1!
3weeks & 3days to HONGKONGGGGG!!!!
ohyeahh, cant wait!!!! :B