Sunday, September 12, 2010

its a beautiful sunday (:

chye is sick again. yesssss, yet again... must be the sun and water, and lack of sleep from wavehouse wavehouse wavehouse.

went to work on friday, was siccccccccckkkk. i was feeling damn sian at work luhhh. met someone after work at vivo! hehe, got my supply of honeylemonwater! (: had dinner at carls jr with him, and and we bumped into cindy&kori! thankkkkyouuu for the honeylemonwater! your honey water always work on me. now im cured of sorethroat, but i got cough instead :(

sat work as welllll. this time i decided to go in my bikini with shuting for work. wah i totally regretted it big time. now im burnt ALL OVER. like the stomach and back all redddddd, seriously damn red and pain, like bruised feeling. :( tskkkk! anwwwww, met up with the girls after work! haven't met them for AGES AGES AGES!! they all got a shock when they saw me and my new colour. HAHAHAA! and i cheated an indian of an icecream (Y)!  met up with haikel after meeting the girls.. had dinnnner at pasta mania and walked around. home sweet home shortly after cus i was damn tireddddd.

today, had 100plus tvc filming. seriously damn good job lobang. reached at 730am, sit there do nth, play ard, assembled for frisbee team, went to filming site, played frisbee while the director went action, cut, action, cut, for like 30min, it was a wrap! i earned quite alot for the few hours mannn, still got 50bucks NTUC voucher! MUAHAHAHA! naaaaiseeeee.

wavehouse tml. same for tues and wed.... come come visit me! (:
someone's going internship alreaddddddddyyyy!
i want hugggggggggs!