Thursday, September 09, 2010

For those who missed me on wed's newpaper, here's a photo of it! and, you can read it online.. the article is at this webpage (:

hello hello once again! im backkkk! i bought my billabong board shorts on tuesday! (Y) and and and i bought 2 billabong bikinis on wed! (YYYY)! i can start wearing them to work at wavehouse already! and tan my stomach! HAHAHA!

okay, so over on wednesday, i went to Phuture with the NPDB peopleeeeezzzz. and sth unfortunate happened. i got busted for going to club. i got found out by my bro and he lectured me a whole longgggg lecture by text that made me feel very very guilty. anw i've decided not to go club already, at least for the next 5 months. yuppp, its time to abstain from the clubs, and be a good girl from now on (:
time for chye to exercise some control in her life.

anywayyy, here's some photos. im too lazy to upload one by one, so i collaged them. HAHA!
kansie, sinyan, shah and haikel (:

& the NPDB guyzzzzzz. p.s. hian jing is a loser. HAHA!

so wed to thurs came and passed very quickly.. i had my grid girl training today! and we got to try our uniforms. haha its like some surprise every week. last training, we got to try our boots (then a few of ours got sent back for alteration), and this week we got to try our tailor made uniforms! and here goes the camera snap snap snap away! here's some photos.

pris, myself & ivy. TNP soccer babes as well! :D


ivy, myself, pris, sherine, emily, yuki & jennifer (:

had a few more rounds of training and we ended exactly at 7pm. trust me, training isn't fun at all. haha, our poor arms were aching by the end of the session! hahaa.
anw u guys should watch out for my blogpost on my next grid training, which is happening on 18th sept. i think we'll be getting our boots and dress for a full dress rehearsals/training! (: more photos coming up!

tomorrow's a public holiday, no wonder joe requested for me to be down at wavehouse earlier, at 9am. damn, means i gotta turn in early and wake up at 7am tml... alright peeeeps, head down to wavehouse tml, cus im working! HAHAHA!