Wednesday, September 08, 2010

i will never watch horror movie again. ever again...

caught haunted changi tday and i swear, i swear, no moreeeeee! there's this part where they were exploring the inside of the OCH, then suddenly the image of a doll came to the screen. AND I FREAKING SCREAMED. everyone turn ard and laughed at me. -.- damn embarrassing luhhh!
no more horror movies.

YESSSSS!!! dad just booked our year end trip, and the place we're staying is freaking awesomeeee! finallly, after watching drama series being filmed there, im gonna experience staying there. hohoho! AND IM GOING CASINO! hehehehehehe.

First hotel we're staying at:
Lis Boa Macau! yeahhhhh!
and and and the other hotel we're staying for two nights, the one i've been anticipating....

Venetian Macau!
finallllly mannn! after watching my korean dramas and all were filmed there, im finally going thereeeeeeeee to experience it for myself! hahaahahahaa! and and macau casino age limit is 18 for foreigners! HAHA! YESSSSS!

and the suite we're staying at is freaaaaking niceeeeee and big! show u some photos :D

im gonna have so much fun! my dad ask us to take more photos! hahaha everyone has a camera each in my family, so just nice, spam photos! hahahaha.

im going Hongkong from 8-16oct with cindy & co, then Macau from 23-27dec with family! AHHHH I FEEL SO HEAVENLY! but but but, im coming back on 27dec in the wee hours.. my flight's at 2am plus, so like i gotta go school if i hav classes on monday morning. -.- pleaseeee, no class no class..
im soooo egggcited!!! :D :D :D

but for now, im egggcited for tomorrow :D im going Zouk! with a different group of people this time. totally different. hehehehehheehhe! you know who u are! im sure we'll all have much much much fun tgt (:
& im so gonna get my billabong bikini tml, so i can start wearing them during work at wavehouse and get my stomach tanned. HAHAHAHAH!