Tuesday, September 07, 2010

today i had my worst, best  and funniest working day together in wavehouse.

2 pri sch kids got stuck at the fence when they got washed up! there's like a small gap at the fence, and i think they're too small, thats why the got stuck there. and its like those cannot breathe kind, cus the water is gushing, and they're stuck.... damn scary! and both kids were from my lane, and their faces were like red and they were crying non stop. i was soooo afraid they would die from lack of air! im traumatised by small kids playing body board already! :(

allen wu & wong li lin & their 2 adorable kids visited today! i guided allen on how to surf on the long board, and taugh his 2 kids how to body board. ahhhhh his daughter, sage, is superrrr adorable! i asked her how old is she, she said im 5 and a half! HAHAHA super cute!!! she's gna hold her bday party here at wavehouse, thats why the whole family came to try out surfing. hahah. allen's damn hot, so is wong li lin! and she asked me "so u guys see lots of boobies around here yeaahhhhh" hahahaha! true true!

this rather plump angmoh was bodyboarding... and and while she was on the board, her bikini bottom dropped off! WHILE SHE WAS ON THE BOARD! all of us saw her full moon! jojo and i couldn't stand it and we burst out laughing. so did everyone else present there.... then when i went up to check if she's alright, her bikini top dropped too. HAHAHA! heng jojo didnt see, later he sure damn paiseh. HAHAHA!! i swear the scene was super epic! her face was like AHHHH, and she kept pulling her bottoms up, and trying to keep herself on the board. hahahha. after she tied everything, she left alr. awwww maaaaannn.

i got a badly bruised+abrasion+bleeding wound tday. cus i fell while sliding down at flowrider. how retarded can i get. -.- i swear im not gna wear the long sleeved rashguard already! always giving me abrasions!!! :(

kay time for bed soon. gonna hang out with jacq tml, then hav teabreak buffet! HAHA!
and and, im going zouk on wed! woooohooo!! but gna surf in the morning first. heh heh heh! goodnight all! :)