Sunday, September 05, 2010

 yayyyy! thank you air asia and you guys!

 waited for the guys to end work, then we headed off to kofu for lunch.  the two guys had sth on, so they left, leaving haikel and me. so we bought tics for vampire sucks! and went over to orchard central to slack since there was still time. my first time to the top of orchard central! i must say, the view is exhilirating! thats if you LOVE to see buildings and trees and more trees. hurhurhur. camwhored for a little while up there. got scolded by security guard for consuming food -.-
look at the chicken bits in my mouth! HAHA!

we caught vampires suck! i know i know, despite all the critics and friends saying not to catch it, i decided to go against it. hahaa its super hilarious but abit dumb lah. but overall, it isn't THAT BAD. i wanna catch going the distance next! (Y) afterwards, waited for ivy to arrive, so we slacked outside scape. and and i painted my nails there! HAHAHAHA! ikr, which idiot will bring nail polish out. me lah me lah. only for that day!

and haikel became GAY BOY!

so ivy arrived like 30min later, and i got nagged by Mr photographer. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. went to Needs Salon to do my hair and headed down to Clarke Quay to meet Ivan Lim for spread series on TNP for highlanders bar.

my 2 babes who were in the spread with me (:

ivy, ivan, and myself. if you do read TheNewPaper, you'll recognize him. ivan's the editor of TNP. (: the only long hair dude around! and he's my "brother"! hahaha cus i resemble his "sister". awesomeeee.

so off we go to highlanders. its the bar opp clinic, directly infront of the fountain. we were brought around by the friendly manager. a little bit of insight; highlander is a place for whiskey lovers. they make their own whiskeys in Scotland! cooool! we had  a taste at different types of whiskey that night.

this bottle is specially recommended. why? because there's only 50 of them around in the world! how awesome is this!  its Mc Callan 19. and just nice, im 19 years old, so we all got this drink to taste. this is how a 19 year old tastes like. HAHA!
we all got another set of whiskey to taste. i cant rmb the other one already.. hahahaa. but we drank all of them neat so as to taste the taste of it at its purest form. then fuji water was added for a different taste! i totally didn't know whiskey is so expensive and it tastes diff just by adding water to it.
one glass (picture above) of mc callan 25 costs like 80bucks! HAHA!

we got to try their finger food. its supppperrrrrr awesome i swear!
 from the top left, you see a basket;  thats their signature dish in the house. its called keepers toast or sth like that. cheese, bread, and i forgot what else. but i must say, it tastes realllly good!
then to the right of it,  u see sauteed whiskey prawn. its really good too! you dont taste the overwhelming whiskey taste at all. just a slight hint of it.
and down, there's the scottish egg. its made with minced meat, and deep fried. niceee (:
and lastly, my favoured, the mini burgers. the beef is none other than kobe beef! you know how good it tastes!!!! its realllly gooood! i could eat it all night mannnn! thumbs up for this place.

oh and they have a live band as well. the poor singer got into an accident on tues, but she still comes here to perform! and her vocals are POWERFFFFFUULLL! kudos to her!
it was a nice experience there. (:
check out wednesday's edition of newpaper! the spread will be featured inside! hopefully my face turns out to be okay... hahhaa! if you see it, tell me k! tyvm! (:

so aft highlanders, we went with ivan to shanghai dollies. socialized ard with his friends, aka the VIPS. they super friendly and cute lahhh! when i left, this lady named susan asked me where i gg work tml, why leave so early. hahaa. caught me by surprise!

i had 100plus event. and boy was it early! reached chinese garden mrt at 715am to pick weijie, then went over to japanese garden. the event is a Health Promotion Board TVC filming. we're supposed to pick a sport, and be part of the filming. then there are other 100 plus guys who'll be carrying the dispenser and walking ard giving drinks. barney, weijie and my job is to appear on tv. HAHA! but sadly, it was raining continuously and the shoot was postponed. but but but! we got to take lots of goodie bags home, and we get half of our pay! even without doing anything. HOHOHO!
the crew for today. those under linda. there are another group of guys who were under keith i guess. dont know them, so didn't take photos with them. think they're from RP/ NP/ SP. one guy from SDBA. bigggggg siaaaa. hahaha.
anywayyy, this was like for picture posing onlyyyyy. and thennn it became....

this..... and
omggggg call this girl abuse man! poor me trapped inside the ultra big garbage bag and the guys hitting me like free. -.-
but i came out shortly after, and i tried to carry the dispenser. OMG, its damn heavy. my shoulders felt like it was breaking. it weighs roughly 20+kg?!!!
and lastlyyyyy, barney & weijie enjoying themselves with the elderly workout. HAHAHA!

that marks the end of my weekend! (:

shall show my schedule for the next 2 weeks.
6 sept(mon): wavehouse
7sept(tues): FREE
8sept(wed): surfing at wavehouse and prolly going out
9sept(thurs): grid girl training
10sept(fri): wavehouse
11sept(sat): wavehouse
12sept (sun): piano
13sept(mon): wavehouse
14sept(tues): wavehouse
15sept(wed): wavehouse
16sept(thurs): grid girl party
17sept(fri): going out with shikai
18sept(sat): FREE
19sept(sun): wavehouse until 6pm (LIL'JON IS COMING!!!), TNP soccer babe event; go Needs salon do hair, TNP Sports Bar at night for Man u & Liverpool match

im a wavehouse fanatic now. workaholic! come come visit me when im working! say hi! or come surf! :D :D :D