Saturday, September 04, 2010

woah, i didn't keep my promise :( i promised to blog more often. sorrry peeeps! have been reallll busy as of late. will try to update more often (:

alrightttttt, so what have i been doing?
Monday i went for my first day of work at wavehouse! first day and i got terrible rope burns and abrasions till my palm bleed. HAHA! i  must admit, im super lousy. but that goes to show i've got delicate skin! HAHAHAA!

tuesday i went swwwwimming at ngeeannpoly with haikel cus i wanted to swim badly! turns out, haikel seemed to be colourblind, and i got badly burnt -.- hahahaa! afterwards, we went over to cine and caught grown ups! though i've watched it before, i couldn't control my laughter still.. hahahaa. in the evening, we met him BFFFF ham who just returned from thailand for his army stuff. then ham drove us to their friend's bday party at Hotel Re! turns out the bday boy, wei leong, and his gf and 2 friends are from TP! and we have mutual friends. coooooolxzzxzx.

next up, wednesday! worked at wavehouse from 9am-710pm! wooooohoooo. i got super super burnt there, like on top of my already burnt skin. hahaha! it was painful. but work was damn fun! i saw qing ying and karen, and they surfed under my care. qingying cant stop turning once she let go of the rope, karen is pretty okay but i think she's too light, she always fly off her board. HAHA! then then at 6pm, jay lloyd and his army friends came. they booked one lane. and boy i swear they are one hard bunch to teach. they were all first timers and didn't know how to even stand. worse thing, jay lloyd is the one and only idiotic one who keeps holding on to the rope when he falls. and thus tugging it out of my hand and flying up. -.-
but under my care, they managed to stand and launch off without rope (Y)! i've got a group photo with them, shall upload when jay lloyd uploads it on fb (:
oh oh and one of the customers and his friends ride for 2 hrs, then one of the guy bought me a drink. HOHOHO! zach was like "wahh, u 2nd day only got ppl buy u drink. i work here so long nobody buy me drink:( " hahaha im a girl, you're a guy! different story

thursday was a report doing day. had to chiong my report cus it was due the next day. Unfortunately, distraction got over me, and i succumbed to watching despicable me! AWWWW THEY'RE SOOOO ADORABLE!! and the 3 little girls too :D
went over to ECP for saph's bday bbq. but we were a tad too late. HAHA. oh wells, its the thought that counts mannnn. so wilson, chris, zul and myself camwhored and did jumping shots! i'll upload the photos when zul uploads them. hahaa!

fridayyyy which was ytd, i chionged my report at home, then went school to meet wilson to get my printed & binded report from him. yesssss! thankyou wilson! & he gave me banana boat aloe vera too, cus he knows im burnt. awwwww thankssssssssss my best bud in sportsclub! (:
cabbed down to Simei ITE for my Grid Girl training. i swear ITE campus damn big. all of us were stuck at the top of the track, overlooking the dragonboaters lifting weights. hahahaaaaaa. eventually, we went over to the basketball court. so training began.... we wore our personalized boots and carried the number boards. ytd's one is just a prop, it isnt the real one. the real one is much heavier than ytd's. damn! we looked like some soldiers carrying the flag or sth. hahaa! tiring u know! here's some photos

this is like our training, where we will hold the number card and walk to the "imaginary" box where the cars will park. so on the actual day, we are supposed to stand put there, and the cars will come right up to us and park there. and we cant move, cant tilt the board, cant shake around. hahaha.
eh arms will ache one leyyyy.
one training date down, 2 more to go. 9th, and 18th. same place, same time. woohoo, there's money for us to take home every training date/rehearsals. :DDDD awesomeee!

and what's on for me later? im going town for slack time, and meet sarong uncle. HAHAHA! then 8pm, gotta go Needs Salon to do my hair, 10pm report at Clarke Quay. the TNP soccer babes are doing entourage with Ivan Lim tday around clarke quay. okay thats awesome. we'll be roaming around clarke quay area! catch us there tonight! (:

and tomorrow, i'll be down at Japanese Garden for HPB's 100plus advert event. and bloody helll  i gotta be there at 730am!! lucky my parents are fetching me there. PHEEEWWWWW. i shall go watch a movie online then go prepareeeee. dannnggg, heels tonight. im gna die.... byeeeeee