Monday, August 30, 2010

internship is finally over! on the last day of work, i thought everything was going to be smooth sailing and dull and all.... butttt i was wrong! first, i got a wholeeee lot of work to do. tidy up brochure with wendy, then lennon got me to do strata roll data like super urgent and all. he said finish as much as u can...
and thennnn during lunch break, i received a surprise by wilson! he bought me KOI! and and he also passed me sth... he said i will like it. and so i opened it...........

ITS LIKE OMG! at first i thought sth i will like; M&Ms.. he trying to make me fattttt is it.. then i peered below i saw the white sheet over, and i took out the m&ms, and TAADAAAA CREATIVE EARPIECE!!! :D and i rmb i was talking about i wanted to get a new in-ear earpiece. and i was just nice looking at creative ones, and the next day the design i liked was infront of me! ahhhh, THANK YOU WILSON!  (:

so what did i do over the weekends? basically ALOT. and my weekend was quite fulfilling (:
on the day of my last day, i went clubbing at powerhouse. it was in celebration of Junru's 19th bday as well as the end of internship! :D met alotttttt of peopleeezzzzzz there! ahaha! some photos to showww (:

2 and a half bottles of black label for the night! :D
dearest bday girl in yeeeellloooww (:

and this is the most clear photo i've ever seen in a club!
 HAHAAAAHAAA! spot some other familiar faces... you can even find NPDB peopleeeeez inside. SQUINT AND SEE! hahahhaha!

crashed juju's house afterwards, had smalll talk and went to bed at 6am! woke up at 10plus to go home, bathe, change and head down to 987 studio! hahaha was on air with the muttons for some introduction of the 21 hot girls. so i reached studio earlyyyyy, cus i was told to come at 2, but they were told we were supposed to arrive at 3. haha anw, i watched them while they did their show, and went on air when nicole came. it was superrr fun! vernon was doing sth to my iphone while we were on air! hahahaha! like justin said, cannot say lahhh. HAHA!
so like an hour later, the 6 of us were done(the rest couldn't come), and we were good to go! i think some of you guys heard me on air yeah. haha hope i didn't sound too manly cus the previous night of clubbing totally killed my voice. HAHA!

after that, i caught expendables with haikel at cathay! and we went for B&J ice creammm! know why? cus i bumped into jessican outside cathay and some event's going on... i read out some stuff from fb and i got 20bucks B&J icecream! awesome or whuuut! :D hohoho!

went over to Silk club at 8pm for my makeup and hair do... bumped into junru & diana along the way, and i invited them to the event! since i've got 2 spare invites and its a 987 RSVP event, which is like hard to get invites, so they went! thank you babes for coming down! loveeeee you too so muchhhh (:
did hair and all, went on show at 10 sharp. there were diff segments for our competition... i'll explain it in my next blog post and with more photos! here's just 2 photos for u to seee

junru, diana, and myself. love you two babes! (:
Justin, myself, and Vernon! these two dooodeeess totally craccccked me up! hahaha!

more to come.... stay tuned!
time to hit the sack! first official wavehouse duty as wave instructor tomorrow! come down wavehouse to surf, i'll do my best to pull you! im starting work at 10am, so gotta sleeeep naoooo.
goodnight everyone! (: