Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Friday was a WHOOPWHOOPWHOOP, super awesome night! :D i spent my night at Zouk, attending the FUNaMANIA Channel U party! 
thanks to being an F&N ambassador, i got my VIP passes, and i brought along celeste & diana as my plus 2! :D
so the whole event was like celebs gathering in the centre of Zouk, drinking, taking photos with us (only VIPs were allowed to enter the cornered area where the celebs were seated), and obviously talking. then they had some games on stage. ohyes, Channel U came to film the event, and the producers approached myself, diana & cel to go on the show. like interview us. so yeahhhh, we went on tv! well, i think it hasn't been aired.. if it does, and you see me, DO TELL ME! :D
so the celebs left at like 10plus or 11? and zouk was once again open to the public. Jeff, my in charge, got us ambassadors 2 bottles of 42 below! Thanks Jeff! (: so there we go, drinking. hahaa. enjoy the photos

The super havoc and squeeeeezy area of the cornered off VIP area. i had to go upstairs to snap a photo of this, and difficulty going back inside -.-

Celebs having interviewwwwws. 


 and the partyyyy startsssss.
 first botttttleeee.

second bottttleeee! & that's MR KENNETH at the right!! hahaaa miss that dude much! i got to know him when i was in Singtel Grid Girls, cus he was our...... NANNNNYYY!! awww! hahahaha! he works at Zouk as their PR Manager (:

 F&N ambassadors tgt with our guests that night (:

 my beloved F&N ambassadors (though missing alot!)!
Clockwise from top left: Jolyn (RP), Sean (NP), Dan (RP), Red (NUS)

and us, together with our incharge, keith! (:

Saturday & Sunday
i actually cant remember what i did on sat and sun... 
ohyaaa, i went on a last min Nike shopping spreeeee with Haikel. i was at my gran's place in the afternoon, then as i was on the way home, i made a last min decision to go Suntec with haikel to shop for my Nike stuff... its notttt goooood to let go out with no cash but all cards... tsk tsk! i actually only intended to buy running shoes... but i ended up buyinggg
2 compression sports bra, 1 pair of running shoes, 1 pair of socks, 1 nike pro running tights, and a nike yellow bag. 

Monday came and pass real quick. had class only at 4-6pm.. then went to lib to study Club&Resort with jianhuannnnggg! productive session indeed! 
and todayyy, we had our test! zzzzz i didn't read through chap1, and stupid 10mark qns came out on it. craaaapppp. but it was still manageable :D
one assignment down, 6 more to go!
6th dec: Service Quality Management assignment due!
8th dec: Club&Resort business fieldtrip report assignment AND career communication assignment due!
sometime between 8-13dec: Major Project logbook assignment due!
13th dec: Service Quality Management term test!
idk which date: Club&Resort group project due!
 shall go find out about my assignments and try starting on them..... fugggg these 2 weeks! :/
on a brighter note, i'll be working at wavehouse tomorrow from 9-3pm! do drop by..
this week's pretty filled with work too!
Friday: working for 100plus, launch of new mixer @ StJames
Sat: wavehouse 9-6pm
Sunday: working for 100plus booth, standard chartered marathon (at the village i guess), 8-12nn. come drop by my booth and say hi! :)

 pink shirt looks nice (: