Friday, December 03, 2010

HI GUYS! its the long awaited weekends once again! 
how are you going to spend your weekend?

For me, im going to work and do my assignments. sad life hur.. :(
i'll be heading down to St James TNP bar for 100plus launch of new mixer! if you've read TNP this morning, you would have seen a 2 page advert on 100plus having a party with a theme of Mexico! come on down tonight, and you'll get freee drinks! i'll be working there to promote the new mixer.

and as for saturday, i'll be working at wavehouse! then head out tgt with mr bf for our 2nd monthsary :)

and sunday, i'll be down at Standard Chartered marathon! nope, im not running. but im working for 100plus (again)! drop by for a visit after you've ended your race. :D
then, i'll need to do my work on sunday cus i've got 2 submissions on monday! poor me hurrrrrr. :(

heading out now! :)