Monday, December 13, 2010

term test!!!!

Hi guys! Sorry once again for not updating. My term test is today! Hence I'm studying real hard in school now. Anw after today, I'll be real free till I fly off to Macau on the 23rd. So feel free to date meeeeeee! Friends whom I've not met for a long time, it's time to meet up now! I shall update with photos(I promise) on my recent activities the past week. Here's an interesting link to share with u guys. If u're bored u can always go to that website (, they hav tons of interesting stuff for u to read and LOL. Haha. All thanks to my childhood friend, weijie, who introduced me to this wonderful website when I was suffering during my internship. Haha. Enjoy! All the best to everyone who's taking their term test later on! :)