Wednesday, December 15, 2010

seriously guys, stop thrashing childish qns at my FS if u're gonna continue to hav a narrow mindset in this broad open century. 
why cant i have close guy friends to hang out with and talk to even if im in a rs? its not like im cheating on my bf, just by merely putting up a photo with them, or going out with them. gosh, this is the 21st century already, come on guys, grow up! stop having childish thinking like "oh u hav a bf, u cannot go out with guys." or "eh u got bf, u better put all yr dp with yr bf in it, no other guys." all these are so fucking childish. if u cant accept the way i work, den screw off okay. dont come screwing around with me. 
sometimes, these fs qns dont help at all, they just make me more frustrated. when im frustrated, i make rash decisions. they make me feel so suffocated, like i've got to ans to the whole world regarding my actions and my doings etc. yes, work is important to me, im building a good reputation here. if just bcos of going out with bf, then i dont turn up for work, what will my agents, supervisors think of me? den how about i dont give a damn abt my work, and i just go out with haikel 24/7? how about that? u guys like it right? pay for all my expenses then. 
end of story. DONT MAKE ME MAD I TELL YOU.

Okay, moving on, lets talk about my activities for the past week. nowthat term tests are over, and its the holidays now (Y), i have more time to blog! 
okay, back tracking.........

3rd Dec- 100plus launch of new mixer @ Stjames TNP sports bar
 hi ho! so if u've been down to TNP sports bar on 3dec, u would have seen me in a bright colourful dress, which was oh-so-suffocative! that dress was like size 30, which is like what, XS! i almost died. it couldn't be zipped up all the way to my neck cus i cant breathe!
 but anyway, it was a fun experience! :D
my partner assgined to me for the night was Wei Xiang! (:

the usual 4 of us; barney, myself, shermain + newcomer; wei xiang
our job scope! tag ppl at the door before coming in for the free flow! like door bitch -.- haha!

And soon, it was photo taking time! we were requested here there everywhere to have our photographs taken.. hahaa! cus we're dressed uniquely.

people in this photo includes F&N corporate peopleeeee? sth like that
 beloved F&N ambassadors came down to show their support :D
starting from left (clockwise direction):
-daniel laksana, who dropped by for a visit aft knowing i was working for the event there! and couldn't take my tequilla jug. too strong for him. HAAH!
-F&N ambassadors with friends table!
-fellow beloved F&N ambassador; RED SEO! :D
-beloved girlssssss
-and F&N ambassador; kwek wen fenggggg!
and the lady in the centre is Linda, she's our mamasan! :D
 tadaaa. final photo. tgt with the other 100plus girls.

 5th Dec- 100plus @ Standard Chartered Marathon 2010
 after resting a day, well not really rest cus i had work at wavehouse in the morning the very next day....
following day, sunday, i was down to work at SCM for 100plus. simples job again, just follow the 100plus dispenser boy and give out 100plus freebies. hahaa! poor boys, suffering under the weight of the heavy dispenser, and im just hopping around happily beside him. hehee!

my partner assigned for the day; Jingxin! haven't seen him around, but he said he's seen me while working on national day. wooots, looks like im being forgetful again! hehe.

my beloved girls working with me for this job. jolyn, jasmine toh, chye, shermain. 
didn't get to take lots of photos cus we were all separated, under the darn hot sun, perspiring buckets. but i saw quite a number of familiar faces! and a fb friend coming up to me and telling me he's my fb friend. hahaa thank you for recognizing me, though i dont recognize u....
so aft the job ended, we went up to our Swissotel suite to wash up and change, which linda had specially booked for the 100plus crew. cus they were here the night before, preparing everything for the marathon setup. kudos to all!


 and last photo ending this post. my dearest jinmin SISTER! hahahaa! he claims to be my sister, instead of brother. hahaha! CHECK OUT THE MBS BEHIND. OMGGGGG MELTSSSSS. hahaha

10th dec- 100plus at TNP sports bar, and Black's 19th bday!

jolyn and jasmine were the chambermaids of the night! hahaha! the theme that night was tuxedo or sth like that. the girls' uniforms were these... HAHAH! jasmine was complaining about the white socks that she had to wear. im soooo glad im not working for that theme...

 left: JONATHAN!
right: paulineeeeeeeeeee and jon!
my dearest classmates for 3 years in poly (:

after finishing attending the 100plus event at TNP, we cabbed down to Rebel! 
it was Black's 19th bday celebration! finallyyyyy, this boy turned 19.. when im about to turn 20 -.-
 this is a synopsis of how he got drunk. hahaha. as you can see, many guys mix all sorts of weird drink for him (e.g. martel + chivas), and made him gulp down everything. and he almost puke. AHAHAHAH!his face is super classic!

damn! we didn't get crosby drunk that night... if not we got performance to watch! HAHAA

Happy 19th Weijie! hope you had a greaaaaatttt hangover! HAHAHAHA

thats the end of my activies so far... ohyes, i had a terible fainting spell ytd. haha! i think i ate too many pills. and no, i wasn't trying to kill myself. HAHA! anw longgg story, biggg drama. 
i wanan say thanks to pauline dingggg for coming down to save me and of course, dearest haikel for rushing down from work to rescue me home. 
sincere thanks to both of you guys. u dont know how appreciative i am to you

so im gna be a gooood girl and stay at home today! yay! rest today, and have energy to go out tml, and work on fridayyyy, attend bday party on sat, go for piano class on sun, go for 2 photoshoots on monday, have my wakeboarding session on tuesday, and pack my luggage on wednesday, anddddd.
holliiiidaaaaaaayyysssss, here i comeeeee! soooo egggciteddd for my macau trip! omgggg i cant wait to see the awesome place and and and ZAIA! okay im too excited again, and i went to search for photos. haahah!
for the first few days we're staying in Grand Lisboa. its quite a nice hotel as well. hahaa! i rmb in club and resort tutorial, the tcher mentioned about Grand Lisboa being one of the examples of casino resorts. HAHAHA! 
see i pay attention in class!
next few days, we'll be staying in Venetian.
hotel lobby of Venetian.

Our Bella Suite....


and and and i cant wait to take the Gondola! omggggg, i watched boy over flowers and they filmed part of it here. OMGGGGGGGGGG.
okay i've included two videos here which were taken in macau in the boys over flowers show. basically the whole of episode 14 was filmed in Macau. 

and lastly, we're gna watch ZAIA!! its an in house show in Macau, its just like Voyage de la Vie in Resorts World. and i've been wanting to catch such a performance!
here's the storyline of ZAIA.
ZAIA is the most dazzling show ever staged in Asia. This brand new 90-minute mega-production brings together 75 high-calibre artists from all four corners of the globe.ZAIA is the dream of a young girl who journeys into space on a strange, yet familiar voyage of self-discovery. As she travels, she encounters the beauty of humanity and eventually brings it back with her to share with the inhabitants of earth. ZAIA presents a young girl’s perception of the stars and planets, space and infinity, all populated by a panoply of fantastic, literally out-of-this-world creatures. The title, ZAIA, comes from a Greek name meaning “life” and is also reminiscent of “Gaia,” the living, self-aware, spirit of earth. ZAIA is a show that highlights dance, movement and aerial acrobatics, soaring to the farthest reaches of space and human beauty.