Thursday, November 25, 2010


omg stress stress pls go away! im super tied down with my MajorProject (more commonly known as FYP), and my presentation is this coming friday. im super super nervous and anxious about it, cus it will affect my GPA greatly.. and im kinda still not prepared for it. :( all the best to myself on friday.
dannnng, gotta wear formal wear and blazer! gosh, i gotta go dig all these items out tml...

so how was your weekend? :D

mine was gooood.  


headed over to wavehouse on fri for wavehouse's first year anniversary party!! woohoo! it was a blast! drank alot, until the guys & girls were drunkkkk. HAHAHA! super hilarious. but yours truly isn't drunk. muahaha. here's some photos of the night....

here's our first pop of the night. followed by lotssss moreeeee.

hi everyone, this is drunk weijie

hahahaha and the guys loveeeeeeeee to make fun of him when he's drunk. jon was drunk too. he happily blurted out that he hacked into my twitter, when he was denying it earlier on, before we started drinking.

the following day, i had 100plus ambassadors outing at wavehouse too! its the first outing for now, more to come!!! i had a super fun time meeting and having fun with the other ambassadors! keith booked a lane for us, and we surfed from 1-2pm. it was a first time for some of them, and i think all of them loved it! jeff even asked if anyone's interested, if we are, he'll prolly get some stuff for us so we can all ride tgt like maybe once a month or sth? coooool!
yay kudos to flowriding! (:


clockwise from top: Red (nus), idk, Dan (rp), Yong xing (sp), kenneth (np), zalen (??), Sean (np), Samuel (rp), keith (in charge), jeff (in charge), lei yi (np), jasmine kwek (nus), CHYE (tp), fiona (ntu), jolyn (rp)
THERE YOU GO! 100plus ambassadors.. well still missing a few more. hahaha
LOVE. (:

 i actually participated in a 10km run for Run for Hope at ecp on sunday the very next day. boyf woke up at 445am to call me up and accompany me there, as well as, be my baggage carrier. haha. met my triathlon team there to run tgt. anw RFH was a damn budget race i think. no race chip, no bib, no timing, seriously FOR HOPE. -.-

kendrick sent us out of ecp and we headed over to Queensway to buy my running tights. yay! got my tights and headed home to rest.. slept for an hour or 2, woke up again and prepared to head out. went down to Zouk for Vaunt V cus i had free tickets for it since 100plus ambassadors gets it. brought glenda along as my plus one. gave the other one to desmond at the door (: 
awesomeeee. went straight to the members bar and had drinks while waiting for the fashion show to start. hahah.
more photos on my fb! 

as for nowwwww. life has been hectic. SUPER HECTIC. im still rushing on my powerpoint slides to be presented tml. its like the BIGGEST proj in my entire poly life, i cant screw it up... 
yesterday i went back sch to meet my MP supervisor. got lots of comments on my proj, gotta make lots of changes to it. omg luhhh damn stressssed. met jianhuang afterwards to go gym. then headed to the pool for my triathlon training. 
and todayyyy, my shoulders, arms and neck are achingggg like hellll.. later i'll still be going for my triathlon training in the evening.. dannnngggggg, shag ttm! alright back to doing work nowwww..

ohyesssss, i'll be heading down to Zouk again tml. there's this Channel U party, and F&N is the proud sponsor of it. soooo 100plus ambassadors are supposed to go down. and tadaaaa, there i am, gonna go for it. here's just some details i got from my F&N group....
Channel U FUNaMANIA Year End Party
Featuring: Local artistes
Venue: Zouk
Time/Date: 8.30pm

maybeee after the party, i'll hop over to Lamaison? since i just got notice that im on guestlist already... OKAAAAAYYYY.  lets see how...