Thursday, November 18, 2010

hey guys! how was your holiday? mine was greeaaattt! met up with my dearest clique, had some catching up, then i went to meet dearest boyfriend for dog show! it was my first time to a dog show, and the dogs made me go WOOOOOOAHHHHHHSOOOCUUTEEEEE!! 

one day, im gonna have my own golden retriever! just wait and see. :D

omg look at this cute little furry dog which is soooo freaking small! 

andddd the dog just peeed on the ground beside us!


srsly this dog looks superrrr adorable!

oh and i've seen this breed before when i was at korea!

i wonder how they judge to precision mannnn.

super cute husky which got bored of waiting.

agility and jumps trials!



and a weird looking dog/poodle(??)
and this marks the end of my dog show! (:

went to catch Due Date with haikel. it was a super hilarious show!
& i went home early for dinner (:

and today, i decided to cut class. well, not exactly cutting. cus there's only presentation and i've already done mine, so i dont see any point in me going school today. besides, i've still got my MP ppt slides to edit. my major presentation is coming up next wed/fri! 


on a side note, just to share with you guys... i've been bloghopping around, and i realise lots of my model friends are celebrating their bdays in a hotel. i've always wanted to celebrate my bday in a grand hotel, say MBS or RWS. well, maybe i shall host my 21st bday party there. that'll be 2 years from now. i must must must have it. its like a once in a lifetime experience y'know. 
the suite room of RWS

the exclusive suite of RWS.

anyone wants to donate to jasminechye's21stbdayfund? *flashes pitiful eyes*

kay i shall go do a face mask, get back to work and stop dreaming. toodles!