Tuesday, November 16, 2010

hey guys, im back again!
school has been well, boring, but i did some work in class today. well, maybe i was just trying to make up for being half an hour late. heh!
so now im just waiting for time to pass, cus i ended class at 12, and im meeting haikel later in the evening at JurongEast at 545. i seriously have nothing to do, so i decided to go JE and meet him right aft he ends work, and we'll head to town tgt. (:

anyway, was browsing through a website and i came across this band. its about this really special band called Rudely Interrupted. here's a description of their band.

At first glance, Australia's Rudely Interrupted is just a better-than-average power-pop band with a vaguely '80ish vibe. Not that weird at all, right? Well, look a bit closer. Five out of six of Rudely Interrupted's members are physically and/or intellectually handicapped, some of them severely so. Lead singer Rory Burnside is blind and has Asperger's syndrome (but also has perfect pitch); keyboardist Marcus Stone has Asperger's and is 80% deaf; bassist Sam Beke has Down syndrome; drummer Josh Hogan is autistic and has some physical abnormalities; and percussionist Connie Kirkpatrick, aka “The Human Metronome,” has Down syndrome and is legally blind. The only “able bodied” member of the group is guitarist Rohan Brooks, a music therapist who came up with the idea of forming a band made up of some of his students.

Rudely Interrupted could've just been a sort of rock ‘n' roll Special Olympics, but the tunes are undeniably catchy and there's a raucous, joyous quality to their live shows a lot of hipster bands could learn from.

They had their documentary recently nominated for an AFI award.

dont you just find them so damn awesome? i think they are.
cheers! have a good holiday tomorrow (: