Monday, November 15, 2010

my com is back and all new! yay! thanks to bro, i finally managed to reformat my laptop, and boy, its running so fast now! (Y) okay, now i shall prepare a super long post for you guys to read and update on my life. teeeheee!

dating backkkkkk.

30-31st October

a significant day for my beloved, as it was his last race as a year 3 dragonboater in NgeeAnnPoly. so here i was, down for 2 days to support him as he went through a series of ups and downs..

first race, tertiary IVP. wellllll, NP crashed into NTU causing them to capsize, and then somehow the boat bang till ITE and they capsized as well. and tadaaaa, u see the above picture, a foot is sticking out. that's none other than my baby's foot. hahaha the coxswain fell into the water.
then the boys went through the lowest point of their life where everyone was in tears. so i just sat beside him and comforted him. well, i hoped i gave him some hope. haha. and so, the boys went off for their second race. the Opens event. andddd they did it! they managed to qualify for the Semi!

off to day 2! i arrived late cus i was having piano class.. just nice when i reached, the boys were down in the boat already, going to race for Finals placing for Opens (?). isit? i think so laaaa. so i put down my bag and ran to the start with jayve. hahaa. raaahhh raaaaahh rahhhh, they made it to the Finals! yayyyyy!

 so happy boys hugged their gfs. HAHA! ohyes, we're such awesome gfs (Y)
sooo there's alot of waiting time here, as the finals was the last 2nd race item. sooooooooooooo jayve (ken's gf), myself and yongxin (benson's gf) decided to goooo GMAX! hohoho! its like our first time meeting each other and we're like close already. can even go reverse bungee tgt. 
so like the 3 of us wanted to try it longggg ago, but didn't. so now's the chance for us to try it out.
got our tickets! 

jayve, myself and yongxin! (:
OMG, IT WAS A SUPER AWESOME EXPERIENCE I TELL U. i was swearing and screaming alllll the way up and down. jayve's face was hilarious, AHHHHHHH, all the way non stop. yongxin was quite quiet, cus she lost her voice alr. HAHAHA! i was f f f f f f all the way.
headed back to the race venue and show off to our boys that we did it. HAHAHAHAH!

and soooon, they had their race.
 and the outcomeeeeeee. 
NPDB GOT 2ND IN OPENS!!! and they lost by only 0.07 milisecs to SAFSA! which means they beat all the other polys. so if they didnt crash in IVP tertiary, i have a strong feeling NPDB would get champion. 
but its okay, its a blessing in disguise. im so proud of my baby! :D

end of SRR 2010!

moving on....

2nd November

on the 3rd of October, a  very special couple got together. two blackies, two sports lovers, two who loves to talk cock, two self proclaimed hottie etc etc. and on 3rd of November, it was their 1st monthsary. well this pair of cute couples are none other than me myself and my baby haikel! (: 
we had our monthsary celebration on the 2nd instead, cus 3rd is a wednesday and i have my triathlon training on that day..
 we had our dinner at Hogs Breath Cafe at CHIJMES! its my first time there! heeheee.

then exchange of gifts!
got my baby a keyring and limited ed self made coin from HK Disneyland, and a self made card from made with love.
my baby got me a superrr huge board, a video he made himself, and a longgg compo (as seen in the brown envelope)
shall not share with u the contents. heh!
then the food arrived! yummmy!
 half a dozen oysters! YEAHYEAHYEAH!
fingerfood platter
my steak!
and baby's chicken.

oysters are my favouriteeeeeee! butttt not really baby's fav. HAHAHA!

it was a nice and filling dinner mannnnn...

with a bursting stomach, we made our way to the rooftop garden of Esplanade. call me a frog in a well or what, it was my first time there.. hahaha. nice scenery over there! reminds me of my HK trip when i was at The Peak, the breathtaking view of HK from above is really awesome! (p.s. im gna develop my films later.. hopefully there'll be nice photos to show u guys..)
and camwhoring began.....
 Happy 1st Month Baby! I love youuuuuuuu muchhhhhiesssss! 

5-7th November!
nextttttt up! over the last last weekend (5-7th Nov), i worked for Rugby 7s! its my 2nd year working for them, under SCC. this time my host was Tradition Singapore( for the 1st day), and PriceWaterHouse Coopers (for 2nd & 3rd day). well basically my job was very simple. just sit there watch rugby match and take drinks & snacks for the clients if they want. so yupppp. easy job, easy money. but one thing bad abt it is that, i gotta wear heeeeeels, and they hurt aft u're wearing them for like the whole day...

Day 1- at Tradition Singapore booth with Aeryn! (:

 Day 2- at PriceWaterHouse Cooper booth with Yuting! (:

all the girls for rugby 7s. well thats on the last day only. hahahaha! spot meeeee.

12 November!
next up! another major day for events. friday 12 nov. it was my busiest day. 
11am-4pm; 100plus @ Barclays opens 
5pm-8pm; VIP Hotel launch
11pm-1am: TV shoot

100plus @ Barclays opens at Sentosa!
i was umbrella girl for the day, together with jasmine toh! my partner was Jinmin, my dispenser boy for the day. hahaha luckily for us, two camwhore-ers, we took hell lots of photos! 

camwhoring before work starts...

100plus for saleeeee. HAHAH just kidddddding 

tadaaaa. our pass for the day!

boys getting ready the dispenser pack..
jinmin and myself! my job was to hold umbrella and follow him, and help him give out drinks...

score board! 


pretty golf course! (:

some random person who wants to take a photo with me.

 the boys bully me! they make me stand at the back of the buggy while they sit!

some international player playing......

and i bumped into reiko! so happened that she's working there as well. for canon! heh! met her during grid girls :D

the toilet looks very lok kok outside righttttt!

but u see the inside, its like not so bad! there's like a nice sink and AIRCON!!! hahaha so bottom line, never judge a book by its cover.

100plus for us to drink.....

end of worrrrrrrkkkk. :D
Next, i cabbed down to Moon Hotel. its a new boutique hotel at Little India. i was doing their VIP launch event. rushed down, went into our hotel room, changed and all, den went downstairs to do some simple serving job. thanks jaslyn for the job! (: 
here's some photos of the hotel (: i dont have photos of me in the job yet. haven't seen the uploaded photos on fb/website.

zapzapzap, its 8pm already! cabbed down to find baby in town. had dinner and walked around. ard 1040pm, we trained down to raffles place, and to laupasat to meet the film crew. baby sent me there and he went back...  so yaadaaa yaadaaaa, we waited for the crew to finish eating, then the producer came by and talked to us. 
so basically this film is going to be shown on Channel E! its cable. damn, i dont have cable! its going to be shown by the end of the year of jan. so if any of u guys see me, pls record it down and show me k? thanksssss! its like an advert kinda thing, like it'll be shown daily before any show kind of thing. yupppp. so here's some photos... btw, the host is super hot!

OMG U SEE THE HEIGHT DIFFERENCE! he's freaking tall, like 2m!

and then u see my leg going up somethinggggg

and taddaaaa im not that short already!!!
they made me stand on 2 stacks of A4 paper cus i was too short beside Dom. T.T first time in my life im considered SHORT! and i had to be lengthened....... thats what the producer said. yes, lengthened. :(

 scope of this job is very simple. appear on tv, guess the star's name when dom shows the photo of BEFORE they were famous and AFTER they were famous... yuppp thats easy job, just guessing. but we hav to retake a few times. 3 takes is a standard, but we took 5. cus dom couldn't open the book twice. and we started laughing on set, when the camera's still rolling. HOHOHO. super hilarious.

dom: so jasmine, do you have any idea who's this?
me: hmm, she does look a little like lucy liu!
dom: lucy liu? well guess whatttt, she... i cant open it, its stuck!
LOL. all laughed. 

so my last job of the day ended! whooohooo. ohyes, did i mention a freaking HUGE cockroach crawled up the bottom of my bag. as i was packing it to go home, i felt a tickling feeling at my knees. when i looked down, i saw THE GIANT COCKROACH HEAD AND ITS FEELERS TICKLING MY KNEES!!! i was too shocked to scream, i just backed 5 and gasped in horror. the producer came and hit the cockroach and kicked it away! goshhh, horrific encounter with a freaking cockroach.
13 November!
finally i had a day off from work. i actually had work, but i decided not to work. instead, i spent the entire day with my dearest. its our FIRST full day spent together. hahaha. went wavehouse in the morninggg, had meeting with the managers and all the wave instructors. then went to ride at 10am with babbbyy! it was his first time riding and boy was it funny! when ppl fall, they fall gracefully and let the water sweep them up. when haikel falls, he falls like he's falling into some deeeep ocean. his legs will fly upwards and he will open his legs like some starfish. this kind of people are those that i will always laugh at when im at work.
  photos of wavehouse. we have more videos than photos. u should check out his video 

after riding, we went to the beach to suntan for awhile. 
 and a million and one camwhore photos :D

went to bathe, and out of sentosa, off to town!

 met Kori and Cindy at orchard station, and walked to Hilton Hotel for our lunch! yipppeeee! the boys died before us. woohoooo i ate alot. but quite okay la, i can eat even more.. hahaa BABY KO BEFORE ME! CAN U BELIEVE IT! shitttt, i sound like some fat pig now. but nvm, i love to eat. HAHAHA! 
we ate for like 2hrs plus man! HAHAHA! then walked to The Cathay to catch RED! kori was like cursing and nagggging say its damn hottttt. blaaaahhh. too bad, we girls ignored his pleas. 
haha movie was GREAT!! super funny, i cant stop laughing. and  some idiot's hp kept ringing in the movie. after movie, shopped ard Forever 21 and Editor's Market. and i went back homeeee. superrrr tired.
it was a good day spent. a full 12hrs with my beloved. (:
rare day, worth treasuring. we dont meet up so often due to our busy schedules, but that doesn't stop us from loving each other less. :D

this is a gooood update! i shall update more often so i dont have to do these humongous updates at one go. shall go off to develop my HK photos now, and off to school! 
toooodles everyone!