Wednesday, November 10, 2010

so what comes after poly? some say work, some say NS, some say university...

and as for me, im going to a university. well, to your disappointment(or excitement, if you hate me), im going overseas for my further studies... actually i've decided on ICHM, International College of Hotel Management, in Adelaide Australia. but my dad disapproves of me going aussie, so we've since changed my destination. he wants me to go UK instead.

i've been thinking, since i want to do hospitality and tourism industry, why not go to the best? which is definitely the Swiss, for that is where tourism is born.
well, i've done some research, and hopefully this will be the school i'll be heading to for my uni.

here's 2 videos to show u guys whats my future (hopefully) school will be like.
Swiss Hotel Management School. (: