Sunday, January 23, 2011

I had quite an eventful yet hectic week yo! projects submissions, presentations around the corner, cant help but be damn tight packed in my schedule to rush these work.. that explains why i havent been working at wavehouse or my modelling jobs recently.. too busy!

anywayyyy,saturday's event was rather meaningful. i went for Singapore Biathlon's swim trial in the morning, and my parents fetched me down. im really glad and touched that they're so supportive and proud of me. they used to be super against me joining triathlon/biathlon, running, swimming, going trainings regularly. but i think they eventually accepted it, looking at how hard i strive to achieve my best in trainings. they drove me down ytd to SAF Yacht Club and my dad was like the ultimate paparazzi! he took lots of photos for me! teeheee. and i was so scared that i couldnt complete the swim trial within the stipulated time, due to my injured knee. 
BUT, i managed to swim below 20min for my 750m in sea water, which means i qualify to compete in Singapore Biathlon on 12feb! my mom & dad were so happy when they saw me coming out of the waters aft i finished swimming. thank you mummy & daddy! you're my ultimate support group. they'll be there to support me for my race on the 12th. 
im glad i have them & they support me in the things i do (:

 and the swim trial begins.....

taddaaaaa, u spot my puny little arms... trying to catch up with the guy infront of me. hahaha

 anddddd here i emerge....

huiting just showered! hahahahaa!

thatssss alll! stay tuned for Singapore Biathlon photos after 12feb! hahaha i predict it'll be massive spam of photos. hahahaa! 
heading out with family to town now!