Tuesday, January 25, 2011

short update!
dearest chye is injuredddddd. hahaha. i went to see a doctor today cus of the prolong knee pain. and here's the verdict. 
NO RUNNING for the time being. KNEE GUARD all the time. ICE at least 3 times a day. 
i sprained my ligament and maybe slight tear in it as well. 
hohoho. now i shall rest and not run for 2 weeks. BUT, i'll still go for trainings, but i'll gym instead of run. shall ask coach for gym sets :D

look at the amount of painkillers the doc gave me.... oh and that gel burns on my knee when i applied it.
and and he wrapped my knee up, and it looked likeeeee ba zhang -.- freakingggg ugly!

tomorrow: club & resort proj submission (YESSS FINALLY)
thursday: MSA Audit (formal wear. NOOOO)
friday: MSA Audit  (formal wear again! noooo)
-rest rest rest-
7 feb: Ccom interview (full formal with blazer, resume etc)
8feb: club & resort test
2nd week of feb: SQM test
andddddd i think im done with schoooool!!!

nowwwwww, its CLUB AND RESORT PROJECT ALL THE WAYYYYYYY!!! go jasmine go!