Saturday, January 29, 2011

finallllly, i can have a breather! I've completed all my projects! HURRRAAAYYY! well most of them are done, im left with MSA closing meeting, which requires a littttle bit of tidying up in the report and getting of everything tgt for the closing audit meeting 'presentation' on 10th feb! other than that, another Career Communication interview on the 7th Feb, and i'll be done with all my presentations/audits/interviews etc! 

Following which, it will be the commencement of tests. i have 3 tests in the month of feb. 
Club & Resort Business- 8th feb
Service Quality Management- 2nd week of feb
Management System Assessment- 11th feb
after that, its 'UNOFFICIAL GRAUDATION'!!!! which indirectly means, work non stop to earn $$$$!

okay, so what did i do recently? in recent days, its kind of more slack cus we've completed all our projs and we're kind of cutting some slack for ourselves.. went out with dearest pauline ding on friday after our audit in class. can u believe we actually wore our formal attire out to town?!! hahaha! quite a hilarious sight. we went shoooooppppinggg! i got myself a chio pair of brown heels/wedges! hohoho! 
andddddd i finally got my first Tiffany & Co necklace! damn chio right, i know. hahaa.  shall wear it for CNY, tgt with my bday present from my parents, the lee hwa necklace.

 thennn town started pouring heavily, but luckily, pauline always carries an umbrella with her wherever she goes. hahaha! but still, her umbrella not big enough to house the 2 of us, so half of our bodies got wet. anyywaaaayyyy, went to meet the pig, and got my belated bday present! first time ever, i got a plant as a present. hahaha, quite unique uhhhh. 
Carole :)

here's how my table looks, after A LITTLE bit of tidying...

 and here's after much efforts of tidying. hahaha

it was a good day (:

and as for todayyyy, i went to work for 100plus sampling event at tampines! lucky i didn't bump into many familiar faces! cus the previous night, i was watching drama and crying my heart out, which resulted in super puffy eyes. when i woke up this morning, i was like OH CRAPPPPZXZXZ. and i had 2 bigggg pimple on my face cus of projecting late in the night everyday. PLUS, i didn't put any make up on tday. haaaawwwhawww. which made me look like a ghost, literally.
but anw, we gave out the drinks really fast! jinmin was my partner for the day, and we gave out at top speed! ended early, and siangjin even had time to buy bak kwa for all of us to share. and yessss, camwhoring started. woohoo!

now, im back home! supposed to go malaysia with the mystery group of peoplezzzzz i went with on my bday, butttt plan cancelled cus alot of them cant confirm paintball for tml and nobody booked the field, and there's jam on the causeway. so oh welllllllllls, shall go over another day. 
i realllllly realllllyyyy want to paintballllll !!!! :<

what shall i do tml?! i've got no plans :(